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  1. Rocha, I figured it might be something like that. I have never been to the site previously, looks like a good site to help ID critters though. Thanks! Gary
  2. Rocha, the site you have listed as: Fishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific http://www.neotropicalfishes.org/sftep/ has been hijacked by a bank or loan company - I could find no way to access this site if it even exists and this site: Australian Museum is a clearing site for al kinds of games and other non UW ID sites Is it just my computer or does anyone else find these two to be something else? I checked a few others and they did reflect what is indicated. Gary
  3. From dry central Washington state. I have ben diving for . . . where is my PADI log . . . let's say since 1990. As a dry land photographer I was seeing a totally different world and wanted to take my cameras with me diving. Eventually I invested in a Nikonos V with the normal lens, the 103 flash and all the necessary accessories. I went diving in Hawaii with this and upon our return home I cleaned it thoroughly and put it back in the bag. Our next trip to Hawaii the following year I brought the Nikonos and on our first dive when I was changing lens settings I noticed a peculiar bubble on the lens. My first thought was, "How is that air bubble staying on the outside of the lens tipped up?" I immediately recognized the fact I had a flood. Fortunately we were not deep 30-40 ft, and had just started the dive. I shot to the surface and extending the Nikonos with one hand as I grabbed the boat gunnel and handed off the camera to the boat captain, saying it was flooded. She removed the camera from the handle, disconnected the flash cable, opened the camera back and submerged it in a bucket of fresh water. I went back down to be with my wife for the rest of the dive, knowing all that could be done was done - for now. When we returned to the dock we found the recommended reputable Nikonos repair shop and dropped off the Nikonos which was repaired before we returned to the mainland. The flood was the result of the 'O' ring on the lens being split in several places and there was NO seal. Didn't do that again. After I went digital I tried one of the heavy vinyl bags for my digital camera/flash with less than acceptable results. Now I have a Cannon G11 in a hard case which has not seen salt water for five years secondary to a broken leg, and a domino effect of events eliminating my ability to use any camera. That is gradually changing though as I very slowly recover. I found Wet Pixel when I was attempting to identify a sea creature I captured an image of while my wife and I were tide pool "diving." The images are now loaded on my Alamy site, thank you all for assisting me in my ID search.
  4. A worm - and the images you provided are very similar. Pardon my lengthy absence I fell into a Black Hole and with the gravitational forces there I had to become faster than lightspeed to escape. That took some time. Thank you all! I can focus my search.
  5. Since March 29, 2009 I have been scouring the internet and college biological heads in search of an ID. While shooting tide pools at at the Mana Kai Maui Resort the Keawakapu Beach, Maui, with my 180 Macro (1/500 sec @ f/8.0,ISO 400) I moved a rock and disturbed this critter. It is about 4-5 inches long, and moved surprisingly quickly with a peristaltic bulge that would move the length of the grey portion of the animal from the end with the white-sh appendage(s). You can see the bulge forming in the first frame (043) near the white appendage(s) It moved with a flopping action that did not seem to be directional but it disappeared fast. These three images were captured three seconds apart and was gone. Any ideas?
  6. TEST - How do I post new topic? Is there a "How To" page? I would like to have some assistance in identifying a critter.
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