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  1. I have. Shoot me a message IMG_5892.HEIC
  2. It doesn't seem to have any difference on photos topside. Would you know if the coating has any anti reflection properties, or just for durability?
  3. Hello, I had a nasty scratch on my uwl-09 and polished it out quite successfully following the techniques discussed in this forum. Problem is, although the scratches are gone, I appear to have gone through the coating of the dome (polished area actually looks clearer and brighter). The description of the lens says it has a “scratch resistant hard coating” on the dome, and “anti-reflection coating” on the lens. Question is, does the dome coating actually have any optical properties? Or purely for scratch resistance? Reason I’m asking is I’m thinking of taking it all off altogether if it doesn’t do anything to improve image quality. Thanks!
  4. Selling for a friend. Like new Nauticam housing for 5DSR, but fits 5DS and 5D3 as well. $2000 Item location is in the Philippines. Buyer shoulders shipping. But I can ask a friend to take it with him to the US in April.
  5. I have a meikon for my rx100 iv. So far so good. Though I'd get a nauticam or other brand in a heartbeat if I had extra cash lying around.
  6. I have a meikon for my rx100 iv. I also have a UWL-H100 type 2 + dome and it has very very minimal/negligible vignette zoomed in to 28mm. If the port is similar to the a6000, you should get the same results with it.
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