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  1. For sale in Europe: Aquatica housing AD700 for Nikon D700 with flod sensor, and Ikelite flash connector. Housing used on 3 dive trips, I would recommend servicing orings (it was unused in the box for last 11 months) 1600€ DS125 and battery - used 240€ shipping from Poland now, more info on priv.
  2. Hi I am interested in the viewfinder. Straight Viewfinder: $900 Do you ship from UK? Bart
  3. Hi I am trying to have some fun with breaking/bending simple composition rules, shifting the white balance. Trying to work out something of a different style for my photography. Do You like the photo, does it bother you that the subject is not in the strong point, or that most of the picture is out of focus or that the wb is shifted. Photo taken on PNG with d700 in Aquatica housing. Thanks for any comments Bart
  4. I have tested it when i have looked for new housing. I have onli dived with it 3 times. The thing i do not like is the shutter trigger. It is more suitable for video, not stils but that is my personal feeling. Perhaps one can get used to it after more time in water. Remember that You are limited to only fiew settings, so it is between diving with the same housing for longer period of time but without possibility to change many settings of any camera you put inside or housing that lets you to set anything You need underwater. I have decided to go for dedicated housing after the test, and never looked back. I will just stick to it for longer period of time. (will not change housing form nikon d700 to d800)
  5. Hi Drew Do You still have the viewfinder for sale? My bests Bart
  6. here is a link to nikonweb article on digital nikonos http://www.nikonweb.com/dcs425/
  7. I have tried one of them before my aquatica purchase. 3 problems: 1. You cant feel the camera trigger, it is ok with video camera but not with dslr 2. Only les than dozen controls can be programmed so you cant change the curtain sync or white balance underwater if you want exposition compensation etc 3. it is more bulky and heavier than my ad700 (so try to air travel with it now) Pros it is well built, lens ports are good, you buy it once then it lasts for longer, at least 2 camera changes, with some luck you can use 2 different cameras
  8. For sale: - Aquatica AD 700 camera housing bought end of last summer - Single Ikelite connector - moisture sensor - 8" dome port - ikelite TTL adapter - some Ikelite arms used only on one trip to PNG (about 45 dives) I'm changing my gear to d3x i will not send gear outside EU, I prefer someone to pickup the gear to see it before cash changes hands I'm in Warsaw Poland please email me with reasonable price suggestions: dzwiad(insert known sign)gmail.com
  9. Taken at the end of a dive in PNG a 2 months ago, D700 in Aquatica, 16mm
  10. I think now it is a time to vote with our fins Lets go to Palau for our next vacation just to spend our currencies in place that cares. It will not do a big difference but it is still a contrybution. Big thumbs up Palau
  11. "Please help me out, I'm lost on the BCD market, for UW photography." Are you diving in a dry or wet suit? I'm diving with Halcyon explorer for 7 years now http://www.halcyon.net/?q=bc/doubles/explorer twin and single tank as well, and love it try some stuff like eclipse (round single tank wing) http://www.halcyon.net/?q=bc/eclipse i've tried it from my wife and it is pretty nice for a single tank diving more stable than using twinset wing for single cylinder here in europe yo can buy some stuf from Anhinga -it is a cheaper brand than Halcyon but very reliable and well built lots of friends are using them more hardcore (deep caves) than my halcyon will ever be used and they are fine I've found that shortening inflator hose to very short lenght (so you can use it in good trim position ) helps a lot with stages, and camera for stability remember about good positioning of weights - i found that even with single tank it is better to keep them on cylinder close to backplate attached to belt from bcd with your height i think it will be more on upper part of cylinder to compensate for your lenght underwater Bart
  12. Hi Joe When are you going to Walindi? I'm in there from 15 to 31 october. Bart
  13. I would skip thinking about Ikelite not because it is a bad brand (i had 3 housings and where pleased with them, many very good photographers are using it with great results) but you wrote that you would like to go deep 70m is not deep for most of other brands (around 80-90 is a standard now) Ikelite takes a little bit more space due tho their design so it is not so good if you traveling that was one of my main reasons to switch think more about kind of work you would like to do underwater are you in macro?, people?, wrecks? lots of traveling or meaby photos more from your backyard (some lucky bastards have nice diving places 10meters from their homes ) there will always be a main income maker for you, main client maybe, remember that sometimes you are assigned cause you made some particular kind of job for someone and were recommended for someone looking for same kind of job/style that will narrow your equipment necessity field other than camera equipment worth considering is rebreather, more time underwater more time for taking pictures try to build your system on will it pay for itself terms then you will survive and rember you have to eat too If You are in it as a Pro in spe remember that You will have to backup everything with another part of the system so it goes at least in pairs, not mentioning orings and accessories that should go in dozens every part of equipment brakes in most unfortunate moments the same about computers cards, phones, clothing too - it is all your equipment if you cant do the assignment without it (try doing it without pants never go cheap but do not overinvest should be one of your mantras in my "abowewater " company we have 18 yrs old canon and nikon telephoto lenses that costed a fortune but worked through 18 yrs of heavy usage on olympics so they paid their own bills many times since purchasing DO NOT BUY cheap memory cards, readers, cables, batteries, orings - small things may ruin your assignment the same as big stuff failure
  14. I simply doubt that any of the housing manufacturers will make new port system for new market with only 2 camera models but I do hope that I'm wrong it would lovely fit in my drysuit cargo pocket for tec dives when i do not want/cant dive with D700 I'm affraid that ikelite might make to big housing for it to be of any bigger advantage they are always leaving a lot of space around a camera due to design method small size is the biggest selling point for this cameras
  15. I do not think there will be any housing from panasonic Ike may make the housing (look how popular oly E-p1 became in Japan) but yes i do agree that it will be probably bulky and i can not imagine how would they fit their lens ports to that housing with keeping it at reasonable size other option from ike might be making the housing without possibility of changing lenses lets say for kit lens only but then advantage of g1 or e-p1 would get much smaller There is also a nice 17mm 2.8 lens from olympus e-p1 that should fit the camera. but the 7mm fisheye sounds great too I have the PEN and love it. for me the nicest part of panasonic g1 system is a converter from micro four thirds to Leica M mount (you could do it before but with two converters one from micro to four thirds and then another to M) then both cameras are leica M8 killers one can buy single camera for every old leica lens he has got for much smaller price than M8 body and price for quality in my opinion goes to panasonic and olympus in comparision to M8
  16. My better halve and myself we are scheduled on Star Dancer 18 october trip. After we will spend 4 days in Walindi, then Loloata Anyone from Wetpixel going there at the same time? Bart
  17. I bought my on 10:15 my friend went to the same reseller 30 minutes after me and they were out of stock already I think they just ordered only about a dozen. It was the same with Leo after a 3-4 weeks they had both single and home versions in stock. Bart
  18. In Poland they said that it will be in about 3 weeks so i bought single version.
  19. After that stunt they are not a good stock opportunity, that is for sure. But wonder if main persons in company are still main shareholders, with any company like this is better to sell your own stock pretty soon. Then as an employe even if a main one, you re not responsible with your private money. @RTRSKI "re-floating logs that sank during the old lumber flotillas down the major rivers" -remember there is no money in that so governments are not so keen to look after some lumber to repair they falling budgets
  20. " ship was never abandoned by Spain" yea they just had the sentry duty around it for last 200 years. It is so typical of governments to claim anything to be the "sovereign immune" and that someone should give back goods recovered on international waters.
  21. Wow. that was a big fall in stock price. I would consider livong as an outcast with 17 tons of gold on some remote island far away from US or Spanish government Even with black eye patch and parrot on my arm So lets assume I'm a pirate in spe Yo ho ho ho and bottle of rum
  22. I've upgraded on friday. Using Snow leo on MBPro 2.2 with 4gb ram and it feels much faster than leo maybe it is just a feeling not the real improvement but it just feels this way. I'm using Lightroom 2.4 and it opens faster. No problems with Nikon transfer too. Only iPhoto crashed 2 times since update. I've felt a little bit uncomfortable updating to version with zero but my friend had build version and it worked nicely. If something is wrong i can always reinstall Leo and use time machine backup. But I would not upgrade my main work machine yet. Only thing that was not nice is that they are selling only 1 machine version now there is no family pack yet
  23. There was also a problem with 20' and 23' apple monitors we had problems calibrating them in my work Driving prepress tech guys nuts showing them different vis on monitors just after the calibration for our magazine but remember there is still a conversion between RGB and CMYK we just wanted to have similar colors on different monitors with the same macs when we switched DTP computers to apple 30' and Eizo, problem disappeared weeks afterwards I've talked with my friend from Apple Dealer and he said something that it is completely different construction and that 30' works in different way than smaller apple monitors there was something about color depth and quality of lcd itself there is a difference in 30' backlighting white point too if i remember well. But still using CRT where it really matters.
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