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  1. Hi, I am a very keen UW Photographer and have just come back from a family holiday in Phuket, I done some diving with Sea Bees who I would highly recommend. From a photography point of view everything was very much rush rush around the dive site, which to be fair is to be expected. I am looking to return to Thailand next Christmas/New Year but just me and my non-diving partner. I am looking for a Hotel with a nice house reef with its own dive centre, so I can take advantage with as many dives as required and take my time with pictures etc and she can sun bath etc. Krabi Island looks nice, but would keep an open mind. Can anyone help????? Regards Brian
  2. Thanks for all your help and interest, i now have the full use of the RAW Convertor with my NIKON D200. Another issue has arisen, when i go to Browse the Bridge uploads with no problems, however the Thumbnails are in NEF Files so i cannot view the images in thumbnails. Once i open the image carry out some workand then close, that particular image is viewable in thumbnails, but the untouched ones are not. Please note all images are in RAW. The question is - How can i view all the images in thumbnails ? I await you response with baited breath!! Regards Brian Harris, London, UK
  3. Hi, I have Photoshop CS, on my old NIKON D70 i could easily access all the features such as the "main raw convertor". I have now upgraded to a Nikon D200. I can now only access RAW Adjustments, when i try to access the "main" RAW Convertor a box comes up with the followong tex - "Could not complete your reqeust because the file format module could not parse the file" Could anyone explain to me what this means in user friendly english and more importanly what i need to to access the "main" RAW File convertor with the D200. Thanks for showing an interest. Brian, London, UK.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for a like minded photography buddy for trips around the UK. I am 40 years old safe, competant with own dive equipment and transport. I am based in London, England.
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