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  1. danielandrewclem, thank you so much for your post. This is really the advice I've needed, if not been looking for. I am a novice UW photographer -- definitely point and shoot caliber. My wife and I were just in Dominica where I flooded by Sea and Sea DX-8000G. As a replacement, I've been torn between the Canon G10 (at this stage, still more camera than I am photographer) and some type of entry level DSLR. Your post reminds me of the reality that, at least from a $$$ standpoint, there is no such thing as an entry level DSLR. I'm still learning the basics of the hobby, so the G10 will most likely be obsolete (or flooded, knowing my track record) before my skills surpass its capabilities. Again, thanks for the dose of "gear lust" anti-venom.
  2. Any Sea and Sea gurus out there? I got back from a recent dive trip, dumped my pics on to my PC then made my characteristically rookie attempts at color correction (got to love Photoshop's Auto Levels!). It was only running it through correction that I noticed a pixel-wide vertical bar runing through every pic! It was there before color correction, it's just that I hadn't noticed it until Adobe "corrected" the bar to a brighter color. The bar is visible on other monitors, so it's not my PC monitor. I called Sea and Sea and described the problem -- the tech thought the CCD had gone bad. Eck! He would need to inspect it to be sure, but replacing the CCD is a $350.00 proposition. Anyone have any wild digicam mojo they can impart to me? A magic reboot button for Sea and Sea cameras? ....and yes, I'm about 6 months out of warranty.
  3. Thanks Nay! Kona's next week and I'm really looking forward to the camera's maiden voyage.
  4. Hi everyone....brand new to this forum and almost as new to UW Photography, so please forgive the inevitable stupid posts ... I saw Nay's question on Tips for strobes, specifically his YS-90 Auto, but didn't want to leech off of the post. I, too, have just picked up a YS-90 Auto, but connected fiber-optically to a Sea & Sea 8000G. Looking through the manual, they seem to recommend setting ISO sensitivity to 100. For those familiar with the strobe, is that what you use? Is this best for many/most situations? Any insight you have would be truly appreciated. Thanks!
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