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  1. I have an iPad and have actually gone back and downloaded every issue of UwP Magazine just to put it on my iPad so I've got something to pass time.


    I'm guessing that WPQ is laid out in a program that would allow it to be easily converted into a PDF which could be easily read on an iPad using iBooks, Bookman or any of the other PDF readers out there. It could be use to incentive for print subscribers, a freebie for subscribers or something completely different.


    David DuChemin and friends over at CraftandVision.com have turned all their eBooks into iPad/iPod applications. I don't think WPQ has to go to an all digital format, and I will continue to subscribe as long as it's printed. However, it would be great to have it in digital form on my iPad.


    I also use Zinio for reading magazines that I've subscribed to in the past - Layers, Macworld, Smithsonian, etc.

  2. At one time, I had both DS-125s and Inon Z240s and preferred the DS-125s due to their faster recharge time and the single battery. The Inons were light and easy to pack but I didn't enjoy fussing with the AA rechargeable batteries and found the performance to be inconsistent from charge to charge. The Ikelites were much more manageable, though in a larger and heavier package. I did prefer the Ikelite color temperature to the Ikelite.

  3. If you want to focus on diving and don't mind driving for non diving activities, I cannot recommend Ocean Frontiers highly enough. The diving is excellent and the staff is second to none. I first stayed at Ocean Frontiers for Digital Madness several years ago (led by the amazing. Dr. Mustard). I've been back several times for classes led by Dr. Mustard and on my own with my wife. In fact, I'm planning to go back this June.


    OF is on the East End and most of the non diving sites/attractions on Grand Cayman are on the West End about an hour's drive away.

  4. I don't know of a listing of workshops off hand, but can recommend both Stephen Frink and Alex Mustard. Steve's workshops are typically in the Summer and Alex leads a summer Red Sea and January Grand Cayman Workshop. I've attended both of Frink's courses as well as Alex's Grand Cayman Lighting class. I'm sure there are others, but these are the only one's I've attended.






  5. As far as my experience is concerned - Reef Photo is as legit a vendor as you will find online or not. They ship fast, reply to email fast and stand behind the products the sell. I cannot say enough about Ryan and the rest of the Reef team. I've purchased from them multiple times and wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.

  6. I've stayed at Ocean Frontiers on the East End 5 or 6 times. The dive staff is better than any I've experienced anywhere else and East End diving is fantastic. There was only one other dive operator on the East End last time I was there (Jan 2009) so you have almost all the dive sites to just OF boats. If you're in the mood for a dive vacation and only want to be in the busy part of town for a night or two, Ocean Frontiers is the place to go. The apartments have kitchens, so you can cook for yourself. Though there are several restaurants near by.


    If you want to stay on the West End, Sunset House is probably a good choice.

  7. I have two 250s & one 150 and I love them. I cannot comment on the rear curtain compatibility as I've not used the feature but I really like the light that the Seacam strobes produce. I'm going to purchase another 150 later on in the year. Recycle time is awesome and I do a ton of shooting at 1/2 or 1/4 power. And contrary to my experience with the Ikelite DS-125s the TTL really does work.


    Here's a link of some shots I took with the TTL last year:





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