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  1. I'm interested in the fisheye port and any viewfinders you might have. Thanks, basim
  2. BotSO

    Lens Baby 3G

    what camera mount?
  3. Wetpixelers, I'm looking to borrow/rent an S180, Fisheye Port and Super Dome for a trip in June. I've got access to an extra housing but need a few bits and bobs so I can use the extra housing while my Fiance uses my setup to see if it's really her cup of tea. I need the following: S180 Fisheye Port Super Dome Anyone got some they can spare? Thanks, Basim
  4. So taping appears to be the most cost effective route. Anyone with an idea of what size of Alex's current offerings would be best for taping? I guess I could always cut down to size.
  5. Has anyone gotten the Magic Filter to work with a 16-35 II? I assume it's got a rear gelatin filter slot but don't have my copy with me to check. Ideas or guidance is appreciated. B
  6. I used the Canon 100mm Macro with my 5D. I've also used it with a 1Ds Mark III. You should have no issues with a 100mm on a 5D II.
  7. I had a near miss in a rinse tank with the dome port prior to a dive. The O ring wasn't seated exactly right. That, along with the creaking of an Ikelite housing when going deeper made me dump Ike. I'm very happy with my Seacam setup. Each of the manufacturers you've listed makes great gear.
  8. If there are photographers in your shot I've found the grey on an Ikelite strobe to be a nice grey point.
  9. I started using a WhiBal card on my last trip to Grand Cayman.
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7940396.stm
  11. 50mm Sigma gives you a pretty nice range - macro or normal. 100mm Canon is very nice....
  12. I sent an email. I'm interested in your dome, S45, S180 and Remote Pole unit. Thanks, basim
  13. I imagine you'll see some photos from Stephen Frink soon, he's recently gotten his housing...
  14. I'm interested in the entire setup. I've emailed. Please let me know if it's still available. Thank you, b
  15. See everyone for Week 2 of Digital madness tomorrow... basim
  16. I'm in a similar discussion with Ikelite right now. One DS-125 say a battery might have overheated causing a DS-125 to crack and they want me to pay ~$220.00 to have it repaired and give me a new battery. I say if one of their batteries overheated and caused a strobe to fail, they should replace both. They say it's the wrong battery because it's a NICAD. I say, nothing in their manual warns against it. The other strobe I've turned in they want to upgrade because their previous design was upgraded to something less likely to break. So they want another $220.00 to upgrade that, change a noisy transformer or capacitor and give me a new battery because "it fails the load test". The one out of warranty, I can see a fee or two. The other, not so much. I understand a company's need to make money but they should stand behind their products...
  17. I've stayed at Marina Del Mar and dived with Ocean Divers on two occasions. I booked rooms through Hotels.com and saved a bundle. A few of the sites I've enjoyed: Snapper Ledge Molasses Benwood North Dry Rocks North North Dry Rocks City of Washington Enjoy...
  18. I'm a big fan of Stephen Frink's UW Photography classes. He does a great job. http://www.waterhousetours.com/instruction If you need to rent a body or lenses, I've used Borrow Lenses before and they've got GREAT service. http://www.borrowlenses.com Best, Basim
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