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  1. Wetpixelers,


    I'm looking to borrow/rent an S180, Fisheye Port and Super Dome for a trip in June. I've got access to an extra housing but need a few bits and bobs so I can use the extra housing while my Fiance uses my setup to see if it's really her cup of tea.


    I need the following:



    Fisheye Port

    Super Dome


    Anyone got some they can spare?





  2. I'm in a similar discussion with Ikelite right now.


    One DS-125 say a battery might have overheated causing a DS-125 to crack and they want me to pay ~$220.00 to have it repaired and give me a new battery. I say if one of their batteries overheated and caused a strobe to fail, they should replace both. They say it's the wrong battery because it's a NICAD. I say, nothing in their manual warns against it.


    The other strobe I've turned in they want to upgrade because their previous design was upgraded to something less likely to break. So they want another $220.00 to upgrade that, change a noisy transformer or capacitor and give me a new battery because "it fails the load test".


    The one out of warranty, I can see a fee or two. The other, not so much. I understand a company's need to make money but they should stand behind their products...

  3. Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide are throwing a joint cocktail party this year starting at 7pm on Thurs, Oct 23, in a suite at the Hilton. We'll have drinks and snacks.


    The party will likely require some sort of invitation to attend, and we'll cap attendance at 40 people or so (come early!). I'll post an invitation that you can print out when the date gets closer. Or, you can come find us at our booth (#3049) and ask for an invitation!


    Sweet. I might just have to go!!!

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