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  1. Dive South Africa offers an 11 Day Shark Diving Safari. I've not dove with them before but I met the owners, Roen and Karin Coetzee, at Beneath the Sea a few years ago. They've also got a few other options as well. http://www.divesouthafrica.co.za/scubadivi...harksafari.html
  2. Eddie Tapp - Photoshop Wizard who taught at Stephen Frink's UW classes this past summer - recommended the Colormunki. All the hardware and most of the software of higher priced X-Rite products. All I know is calibrating for the first time opened a whole new world for me. Blues were actually blue for the first time.
  3. The book Dr. Mustard is yet to write and Martin Edge's 3rd edition (I left my copy on the Pelagian, dang it)...
  4. I'm first on the Seacam list!!! I loved the 5D, upgraded to the 1D Mark III and hope the 1D Mark IV fits in the same housing - it won't. I can hope...
  5. Snapper Ledge is one of my favorite dives in Key Largo. If you're ever in Key Largo, you need to dive Snapper Ledge.
  6. I've got a Seacam housing for my 1D Mark III. Chuckie from Canon was at Frink's Master Classes in June and let me borrow a 1Ds Mark III for the housing. Both the 1d and 1Ds worked excellently in the same housing. I'm sure the same would be for the other manufacturer as it's more or less just the guts of the two cameras that are different. I guess I went with Seacam because Steve Frink, Liz and Barbara at Frink Photo are such great people to work with. Having taken the Digital Immersion Class from Steve using my 5D in an Ikelite Housing, I guess I had a little Seacam envy and wanted to be like everyone else on the boat - damn gear envy. I had a 1D Mark III in a Seacam housing for the Master Class. I opted for S6 connectors on my housing and love them. You can shoot all the lenses you've mentioned below with the Seacam Superdome. I'd look at which Port & Viewfinder combinations from the various manufactures give you the most options for the least cash. I only talk about Seacam because it's the only housing manufacturer I have experience with. If the dollar continues to strengthen, the housing will be less expensive - I guess that's a bright side...
  7. I got my housing and strobes (Seacam) through Steven Frink. For everything else I go to the good folk at Reef Photo. The support Reef offers is as good or better than any Mail Order company I've ever used. I cannot recommend them enough: www.ReefPhoto.com
  8. Jeff, Lisa and I switched to the 2nd week. Basim
  9. I'm glad I don't have to try to recreate the Landscape setting in Lightroom. The Camera Profiles beta eliminates my need to use Canon's proprietary software almost completely. Very excited about this new update. Thanks for posting the images.
  10. You can always Google, without quotes, "Adobe.com UK discount code" and see what you come up with. That's what I did to get this discount code. Found it on a DPReview forum...
  11. I know you probably don't want to get into the apparel business but I'd purchase a Wetpixel Rash Guard (short and long sleeved). I wonder if there's a CafePress for rash guards - I didn't search too long but didn't see one readily available.
  12. You're welcome. That's what the community is for - sharing.
  13. Worked on the CS3 Web Premium upgrade as well It'll probably work on the full version. Been playing with 2.0 for a while. There are some great tools here... best...
  14. I've been using the Lightroom 2.0 Beta for a while and thought it enough of an upgrade to bite the bullet and get the full version. If you're interested in upgrading (or buying the full thing) you can save 15% at Adobe.com by using this code: PIA06. It might work for other Adobe products as well. Enjoy...
  15. Along the banks of the Tigris River - VSAT 4Mbps up / 4Mbps down.
  16. Jessica, The 100mm with the dedicated flat port is an excellent combination for Macro. The Sigma 50mm Macro is also an EXCELLENT lens and should work fine with your 6" dome. It's inexpensive and gives you normal and macro capability. I've borrowed one on several occasions an it's definitely on my short list of lenses to get. I recommend getting a copy of Martin Edge's UW Photography book as well. It's an excellent tool that will help you improve quickly: http://www.edgeunderwaterphotography.com B
  17. Reef Photo in Ft. Lauderdale will have one. But I think you already ordered from B&H. b
  18. How can you pass up diving in GC with Doctor Alex, Basim & Lisa??? Bring it... I got the auto response and a real response. So I'm sure you're her new best friend!!!
  19. Dr. Alex, Put me down for 2 spots, please. Basim
  20. Both strobes have sold. Thanks, b
  21. These definitely work with the blue stripe iTTL cord. I have a single cord and both strobes - I sold my dual strobe last week. If you want them, they're ready to go. Thanks, Basim
  22. I tried emailing you and got a mail delivery error message. I am pretty certain both models are the newer version DS-125s - one is in the 9xxx range, the other the 13xxx. B
  23. I concur with Jeff's opinion - Steve's class was a good time, as expected. Key Largo is an excellent place for a class. Here are some of my images from the week. I was shooting a new camera (1D III) in a new Seacam housing with new Seacam Seaflash 250 TTL strobes. It's a chore to change any one variable - I changed all three. Thanks to Chuckie from Canon, I was able to supplement my 1D with a 1Ds as well - amazing camera. The images in the gallery are split about evenly between the two bodies. I am very happy with my Seacam 250 TTL strobes, btw. I think the entire class was amazed with how well the TTL performed. I'd say Seacam's TTL is better than Canon's. Nikonians have had an upper hand for years in that department. Though I didn't capture any super fantastic images, I got what I wanted out of the class - a run through with all the gear. I'll be ready for the Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia trip next year... OK, enough rambling. Basim
  24. Anyone interested at $550 each or $1100 for both?
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