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  1. For sale on eBay. I'll cancel that listing and sell it here if anyone's interested.
  2. Up for sale is a Really Right Stuff L-Bracket (BG4-L). The item is used and works just fine. There are a few nicks on it from normal use. Retail is $183.00. Sale price is $150.00 and includes USPS Priority shipping within the US.
  3. In building my SEACAM setup over the last year, I've also acquired a Seaflash 350 TTL strobe. I'm willing to sell it for the cost of shipping. $50.00 should cover shipping to the US or Canada. The unit doesn't hold a charge but could be sent back to SEACAM for repair.
  4. I've got a SEACAM EOS 1N Camera Case. As is - $250.00 OBO
  5. The Housing is Sold. Thanks, Basim
  6. Greetings All, More Ikelite gear up for sale. This time, it's two DS-125 Strobes. They've got 75 or so dives on them. My new Seacam strobes (250s, not 150s, yet) performed so well, I'm going to let these go. Each strobe will come with 1 Nicad, 1 NIMH, ULCS ball joint and Travel Charger with adapters. $600.00 each or $1,250 for both. Price includes USPS shipping inside the US. I might be inclined to bargain a bit. Thanks, B
  7. I just found 2 of the 3" arms as well. I'll include them with the entire package as a bonus. thanks for looking...
  8. I've got 2 dual Ikelite to S&S or Inon Strobes. One has about 10 dives on it, the other has never been out of the package. They retail for $160.00 each. I'll take $140 for each including USPS shipping to the US or Canada or $260.00 for both. Ikelite item # 4118.2 Images are here: http://gallery.mac.com/basim#100025
  9. Images are here: http://gallery.mac.com/basim#100008
  10. I've got a single Ike to Ike sync cable for sale. Used on about 10 Dives. I've upgraded to a Seacam housing using S6 connectors so I don't need these. It's Ikelite item 4103.51 and retails for $100.00. I'll sell it for $80.00 which includes USPS priority shipping to the US or Canada. Here's a picture: http://gallery.mac.com/basim#100031 Thanks for looking...
  11. Greetings, I've got 5 Stix arms, 2 Stix clamps and an assortment of floats. Here's the breakdown: 4 each of the 9" arm (Retails for $40.00) 1 each of the 12" arm (Retails for $40.00) 2 each of the older style clamps (Retailed for ~$40.00) 10 each of the black 3 oz floats ($6.75) 6 each of the white 1.5 oz floats ($6.75) I'll take $180.00 for the lot, including USPS Priority shipping to the US or Canada. Everything is fine with these items, I just need something a bit more robust for my SEACAM 250 TTL strobes. I will post an image shortly. Thanks for looking. basim
  12. According to Ikelite, it looks like you might need an Port to go with the housing (5510.10). Here's the port chart: Ikelite - Canon SLR Port Chart I'll ship the whole thing 2nd day air for $50.00 to Canada. If it's more than that, I'll eat the difference in price. Here's a few images image http://gallery.mac.com/basim#100029 Thanks, Basim
  13. I've upgraded to a Seacam Housing for a 1DS Mark III and it's time to let my first housing go. So here it is: Canon 5D Housing Ikelite 8" Dome with Shade 100MM Flat port for Canon 100MM Macro USM Various O Rings, port locks and other little knick knacks. $1,000.00 for all
  14. BotSO


    Stephen Frink's classes in Key Largo are a good time. I took the beginner's class last year and am actually en route to the Advanced class. http://www.waterhousetours.com/instruction The diving in Key Largo is fantastic - lots of shallow dives with tons of fish. Steve's about as gracious a guy as you'll meet...
  15. If any spots open up on this trip, give me a shout...
  16. Guess the not profitable routes are getting canceled. It's a shame as I hate flying Delta. Looks like I'll try Korean Air out of Dallas for my next trip to Bali...
  17. Actually, I just found out: "Denpasar Bali, Indonesia (DPS) is not currently served by Continental or its partners. Service ended Thu., Oct. 2, 2008. Please modify your search criteria." I tried to schedule a flight for next year. BOO!!!
  18. Do you know when they plan to discontinue service? I was about ready to buy my ticket for next spring on CO. I couldn't find anything on their website - but that's probably a function of me being lazy than the information not being there.
  19. Steve, I'm planning to borrow a 14mm II to use on my 1D mk III inside that shiny new housing you're holding for me. All this new gear, the mind is spinning. Looking forward to the 21-28 class. I'll be sure to post any keepers later this month. Best, Basim
  20. Bonnie, I sent you a PM. I've got images from my trip in March that may or may not be useful. If you'll send me a better idea of what you're looking for, I send you a few small JPGs for you to consider. You can reach me at botso (at) mac {dot} com. B
  21. I have a Canon 5D housing made by Ikelite that I'll be selling on or about 21 Jun. If there's anyone interested, let me know. I'm converting my 5D to infrared and upgrading my housed system to to a 1D/1Ds III Seacam Housing. The setup's probably about 8.0 out of 10. It will include: 1. Ike Housing with e-TTL2 for 5D 2. 8" dome port with shade (had a scrape that was buffed out) 3. 100MM Macro Port - works just fine 4. Most, but not all of the zoom gears. 5. An extra set of flat port locks 6. Novus 1, 2, 3 buffing polish for scratches on the dome port 7. ULCS handles 8. Ikelite Handles 9. Extra O-Rings (but not an entire set) I don't have any pictures available at this time because I'm 1/2 way around the world from the gear. The earliest the gear will be available for shipment is 21 Jun. Preference would be to a US buyer. Item is physically located in Houston, TX. Contact me via PM or email me at my WP user name {at} mac (dot) com. The system was last in the water in Grand Cayman in March and has about 70 dives on it total. It works just fine. I took the system with me to Wakatob last year. Images can be found here: http://homepage.mac.com/basim/PhotoAlbum12.html So, make an offer, if you're interested. Thanks, B PS, sorry to hijack the post. I didn't think anyone would mind since more than one person was interested in this system.
  22. I have not purchased Nexus housings from Reef Photo but I have purchased quite a lot of Ikelite gear and two Fisheye Fix lights from them. Reef's service and support is excellent and I've found Ryan to be a stand up guy who stands behind the products he sells. It might take them a day or two to get back to an email inquiry but I've always found them helpful. I'd buy from them without any worries...
  23. Vincent, Email sent. Basim
  24. I've got a SEACAM housing for a Canon EOS 1N. $500.00 OBO. Housing only. No ports or other items are included except the plastic dust cover for the front. Email or IM for info. Pics are available.
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