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  1. Another Tompot - Swanage Pier Aug 2001. Taken on the same dive as a previous wetpixel photo of the week entry (see archives). This one shows different colouration and the tompots propensity to pose for the camera. You can (as always) find more photos on http://www.zyxt.org/gallery [Edited on 22-12-2001 by nhorlock] [Edited on 23-12-2001 by nhorlock]
  2. Hi, Nice look for the new site, well done Eric. Before going digital I used a sea & sea MX10 explorer with YS40A strobe, to reasonable effect. The YS40A and the MX10 have an IR link that allows the strobe to be removeed when shooting (or when storing during the dive!). As the Oly housing is clear it ourght to be possible to get an internal IR module to drive off of the external flash and trigger the YS40 remotely. Anyone have the knowledge/capability to do this? Or is it not going to work? Another option is to get a fibre slave lead to the hot show of the strobe, Sea & Sea make one for the YS90 will it work for the YS40? Neil
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