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  1. Hi Marcel, Thanks for the question. At the moment I wouldn't want to separate the parts, lets see how I do with selling the housing and I may get back to you. Cheers bud.
  2. Hi, I'm having a mass clear out of a lot of stuff, so all my dive gear is up for sale. I've posted it on Gumtree and the following link is to it. Have a look and see if you fancy any of it. I'll do deals if you buy a few things.... or all of it!! Cheers Dan https://www.gumtree.com/sellerads/1174882620?page=1
  3. Sony Z1n with Gates housing for sale. Reason: Moving up to full HD, need the cash. Usage: Minimal. I bought the camera and a month later took a job where they had a Sony Fx1 with the same housing. I've been using theirs ever since and only use mine on vacation. So both items in great condition. Package includes: - SONY Z1 - Battery charger, 2 batteries - 1 x NP-F970, 1 x NP-F570, remote, spare eyepiece guard, manual, mic holder (no Mic). Hours on the camera Operation - 25 x 10H Drum Run - 12 x 10H Tape Run - 8 x 10H Threading - 21 x 10H For an overview of the camera follow the link: http://www.sony.co.uk/biz/product/hdvcamco...vr-z1e/overview - Gates housing - SP44 Dome port, assortment of handles - top mount, bottom mount, carry handle, spare red filter Controls: power; record/standby, zoom, manual focus, AF/MF, Iris, ND filter, white balance mode/shutter speed, white balance set/iris/gain, internal flip colour correction filter. Depth rating - 137m/450ft - Aluminium carry case included. Price £2,200 plus shipping. Cheers Dan
  4. I didnt have much trouble, you can move the handle back and forth so that it is comfortable for you to reach the controls. My wife has smaller hands so if she uses it we just move the handles. Also I started out with an Ikelite housing which was manual so Im already used to it. There is a big difference between the ikelite and the gates though. The Gates has springs on the inside so that you dont crush the camera controls if you get too carried away. Kind of acts as suspension for the buttons. Nice touch. Electronic controls are cool, but if your somewhere remote, like me in honduras, your screwed if the thing breaks, whereas with manual controls you can always rig it with sticky tape and gum. Dan
  5. Yeah, tear drops a nice one to. I've used taht one some other stuff Ive done. The gates housing is real nice. I was using a sony marine pack before for a trv900, and the difference is huge. The quality of the Gates and attention to detail is far superior. I got mine with the white balance but the only problem with that is that its a touch screen WB so you have the display 'On' all the time which can make focusing and seeing past it difficult. I generally stick to bright sunlight WB as this has been giving me the better colours then fiddling with them on Premiere. So the problem there is more with the camera than housing. Im looking at getting the external monitor soon but didnt have the cash to begin with. Ill go for the 4" one, more cash but will be easier to pull proper focus with. I'll see what Santa brings!!! The lens for the Gates is fantastic, I use the Fathom WP25 and am very impressed. Basically Im very happy with it and glad I bought it. Dan.
  6. Hi there, finally worked out the youtube thing and got one of my movies on it. It was recorded on my A1E in a gates housing, and I rather enjoyed it. Check it out. Dan. Embedded by Moderator
  7. I have 2 broken 900s currently being worked on. If they come back un fixable I shall be intersted in selling parts.
  8. Hi, I posted this thread a while back as I was looking into getting serious work. Well I was approached by a very large media company in the states. From reading the replys I gave them a quote. My set up is HDV but they wanted DV, so I couldnt justify charging HDV rates and just set my camera for DV. I charged $650 for wet days and $240 (40%) for dry and now have $4.5 grand in the bank for just 11 days work (only 4 diving the rest travel). I considered charging extra for overnight stays but decided to counter by not discounting myself with a bulk rate charge, ie. a weekly rate being cheaper than 5 seperate working days. This was not raised by the compnay so I may look into this further for future jobs. The producers where very happy with my work and considered my quote "very reasonable". This made me think that I could have charged more. I also spoke to their top side videographer who gave me tips and clues as to how to price in future. He advised hiring out my equipment at a set price regardless of wet or dry days after all if its in transit you cannot earn money from your gear any other way, and my work seperately depending on wether Im sitting at an airport or diving. This also allows you to charge a little more and be able to work out which pieces of equipment are earning money for you and which are not. It also helps with tax purposes as you can itemise business expenses. Apparently, a lot of companies use a set industry union standard for pay, which Im looking into and will post here. It does depends on location though. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to this topic, hopefully we can all take something from it and try and maintain a decent standard of pay for our work. Fat Fish.
  9. Ive been backing up all my HD tapes for a week now with Aspect and Premiere pro2.0, bloody good call, wagsy, it works a treat, I captured and exported one set of footage over and over and there was no diminishing of quality, even when checking the histogram. Takes ages but a good reason to find time to chill in a hammock and watch the waves whilst working!! Thanks for the tip
  10. I'm just interested to see if theres any union or standard set. I know if your part of a medi production union in europe then there are set minimum rates for camerafolk, would be good to know how to get hold of these, hopefully steve can send us some. So if a studio/production house/man in the pub asks us we can say, wth a level of certainty ande confidence, what were worth. The difficulty is, i suppose, that the quality of the piece depends on the individual viewer. Seeing a whale shark shagging, to us is worth a million, but I reckon my mum would probably change channel and watch Corrie (crap uk soap op for last 40yrs)!! Shame on her. <_<
  11. Ive been reading some forums about selling footage and people undercutting each other thus driving the price down. Obviously, footage cost depends on how common the piece is and availability. In the same vain, what do people think is a fair price to charge, as an experienced underwater cameraman when hired. I'm interested in pay rate, for day or dive? Should equipment hire be seperate? More for overnight? My plan for this year is to move more into contract work for TV companies, production houses etc, a: I don't want to overcharge and be laughed out, b:undercharge, and be taken for a mug, but also I want no part in de-valuing our work. I realise everything is case by case, but I would be very interested in some discussion. Fatfish.
  12. Cheers Wagsy, I got onto the Aspects site last night I'll give that a go today. How many gis per hour are you looking at for the footage?? Just so that I know if I'm doing it right.
  13. Hi Wags, Where can I download Aspects?? I'm Having lots of trouble with conversions.
  14. Hi, I'm new to this forum and will browse through the archives to see more clues, but I'm doing some work now and its driving me crazy. I use Premiere pro 2.0 and have captured my footage in the mpeg format and it looks great. Now what I want to do is edit down my footage and take the best bits for my footage library, however, I cannot manage to do this. The only format that is close to the quality, uncompressed AVI is ridiculously large. I just want to save it in the same format that it already is. You mentioned different Aspect HD versions, what is that?? Ive been using standard premiere for years with DV and only recently changed over to HDV, its great but like being a beginner again. Thanks
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