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  1. I have taken the system on two trips now, one to Lundy Island in the UK and a week in the Red Sea, and I have to say, I had no issues at all with the system, once under pressure, is was fine and the vacuum system detected no changes on the dives.
  2. That is very interesting. Hopefully they do the right thing.
  3. It was at Lundy so I'm sure a lot of people here are familiar with the area. It's just a shame really.
  4. More of a rant but anyway, I went for a dive on the weekend at a popular UK dive spot and one of the people on the boat found an underwater camera straight under the mooring, with next to no marine growth and looked near mint so had to only be in the water a short time. It turned on straight away too so I told the guy to check the first images for a name, number or something (which is what I have), but the boat operators and the guy who found it were straight onto google to see how much they could flog it off for. As the only person on the boat with camera gear it rubbed me the wrong way that they all wouldn't even entertain the thought of asking the other boat operators (there are only a few) if their divers had lost gear or flicking through pics looking for the owner . I know they have no obligation to try and even finding the owner would have been slim but it still felt weird, almost vulnerable having all this expensive gear and knowing that if it went 'missing' in any way then I'd better start looking at fb classifieds to try and get it back.
  5. I've been putting my stuff for a while. I'm a marine biologist who doesn't get enough time underwater with my camera, so always happy to get advice on techniques etc. https://www.instagram.com/lee_hankinson
  6. Hey all, I was a compact camera shooter with a G12 and YS02 strobe until the camera died, so now I've grabbed a Sony a6500 and Fantasea housing and a YS01 to pair. So now I'm looking forward to getting used to the rig. I'm also a marine biologist working in conservation and consultancy.
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