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  1. Yes indeed, I am cognizant of how to enable the feature. No offense taken, I know you're trying to help It's just that feeling, after not using the light in about 2+ years, incidentally the auto flash off feature worked only a couple times during a night dive. It might have been a problem with aiming, where the light wasn't able to see the flash well enough perhaps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - It would be fair to give it a couple more tries.
  2. Thanks for the answer, Chris. Yes, my focus light is working only sometimes, so I'm thinking it's a good opportunity to shop around and see what's new or recommended.
  3. Hello everyone, Looking for a new focus light and wondering what is recommended or what is new out in the market. I'm mainly looking for yellow or white and red light, as well as the feature where the focus light shuts off temporarily upon strobe triggering. After I changed my strobes (now using Retra Pro), my current focus light is hit or miss when the strobes fire off. Thanks in advance!
  4. Not sure if it was mentioned, but it helps quite a bit if you store the images in your SSD/hard-drive at least during the editing process, rather than attached external drives. It helps speeding up the flow due to the changes being locally made.
  5. The Deep 6 Eddy from Deep Six are short, light in weight, and have a decent amount of power. Really convenient for photography.
  6. Glad to hear the push is coming from several (hopefully many) fronts. Hopefully Sony makes it happen.
  7. Thinking more of a way around the touch screen lock-in. For macro, perhaps through manual focus, focus assist, and other features (zebra, focus magnification, etc.)
  8. Greetings, On a Sony A1, how can autofocus tracking be achieved in video mode? Given that the tracking is triggered with the touch pad, how can it be done behind a housing? Thanks in advance!
  9. I thought so. Thanks for the response!
  10. @adamhanlon et al, Have you ever been offered payment for your images or equipment via NFT? There's a person apparently interested in buying several images, but sounds sketchy.
  11. Thanks a lot for putting this together, @ChrisRoss! It appears that the Sony 90mm is more versatile.
  12. Hello, Looking for input on which macro lens offers better quality between the Sony 90mm and the Sigma 105mm. Thanks!
  13. My most sincere condolences, John. Hope you and your family find strength and treasure the best memories from your brother Michael. Great video, I like a lot the sense of serenity it conveys. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hello all, Does anyone know of an interesting location in Greece for UW photography? Thank you in advance!
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