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  1. My most sincere condolences, John. Hope you and your family find strength and treasure the best memories from your brother Michael. Great video, I like a lot the sense of serenity it conveys. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello all, Does anyone know of an interesting location in Greece for UW photography? Thank you in advance!
  3. Greetings, What is the best month to visit Silver Bank in Dominican Republic, in terms of visibility and amount of whales? I know the season runs from January to April, but wondering when during that time is best. Thanks in advance!
  4. Brand new - Never used, set of 2 Fisheye FIX Neo 3000 DX II Underwater Video Lights. The video lights come in their original packaging (see photos) including manuals, instructions, mounts, boxes, tools, etc. Selling because I never got into Underwater Video. 1% or 25% Power Steps 3000 Lumens 100° Wide Beam Wet Charge or Change the Battery Interchangeable batteries Can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive, or after getting out of the water. Include a YS mount, ball mount, GoPro Mount, Loc-Line adapter, a handle to hold the light, as well as tools and 2 extra o-rings per each light, as well as silicone. The price for each light is $375. I also have 2 extra brand new spare batteries. I will include them in the deal if the 2 lights are sold together. Specs: Lumens: 3000 Burn Time: 55 min. Beam Angle: 100 Degrees Charge Time: 2.5 hours max Swappable Battery: Yes Battery Capacity: 3,400 mAh Adjustment: 1% or 25% steps Color Temperature: 5000 Kelvin Depth Rating: 100 meters Size: W53 x H57 x L110mm Weight: 355g Air Mounts Included: Ball, Locline, YS
  5. Thank you so much! As far as the ports, what I usually do is to add a StiX adjustable float belt for the macro port. That has worked out so far. Based on the input from the people on this thread, I'm leaning towards continue using my ULCS arms with StiX floats.
  6. Hello Tim, Thank you for your response. Not really looking for extra buoyancy. Great to know about your experience, and very helpful in terms of decision making.
  7. How about for those using the computer built-in compass, given the compass alignment?
  8. Hello, I am looking into migrating my camera setup from ultralight arms with StiX floats to Nauticam carbon fiber aluminum float arms. Since my setup is quite common, want to ask for arm size recommendations. I am using a NA-D850 housing, 2x Sea&Sea YS-D2J strobes, with 2x 5" and 2x 8" UL arms. Any input is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Joss. I got it submitted already.
  10. Not yet. Heading next week. Will keep you posted upon return
  11. Hello everyone, Does anybody recommend a good diving operator for UW photography in Cabo Pulmo? Thank you.
  12. Hello everyone, Does anyone have input in regards to the best batteries for a pair of YS-D2 strobes? I have heard good things about the Amazon Basics, Eneloops, or Eneloops Pro. Thanks in advance, Oscar Ramirez.
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