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  1. Very nice!!! Really enjoyed browsing through your portfolio //Erik
  2. New price! 1340 euro for Camera + housing + ports. 1100 euro for Camera + housing - ports 1090 euro for Housing + ports
  3. The 18-55 is a good lens to start with, but I would recommend getting a fisheye (or wideangle) lens. I shoot a Tokina 10-17 here in Denmark in similar conditions as yours. I get pretty good results, but you need to be very careful about how you light the subjects. Controls are pretty straightforward, you can control all of the buttons and levers without any friction. There comes a zoom sleeve with housing, which makes it possible to zoom underwater using a wheel located on the right side of the camera. There s a quite cheap Ike housing for the 40D (which also fits the 50D) here http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35484
  4. UPDATE!!! Strobes and arms has been sold. Just to clarify. The flat port is a modular port with the glass front. Included is also adapters to Ultralight arms. New price for the camera, housing and ports, 1400€ = $1900. Camera excluded, 1200€ = $1600 Will ship worldwide. Will pay shipping within Europe. //Erik
  5. Fantastic! Nice to see a objective comparison between the two housings... Thanks Gudge
  6. Hi Have a almost complete rig for sale, except lenses. Perfect for Point & Shoot owners wanting to upgrade to a cheap DSLR kit. Canon 40D including all chords and accessories. Ikelite housing for 40D/50D including macroport (for Canon 60 mm macro) and the 8" domeport (for allpopular wideangle lenses including the popular Tokina 10-17) 2 Sea & Sea Ys110a strobes including Ultralight arms, adapters and a dual strobe sync chord (2 x 12" arms) The camera is from 2008 and the housing with bits and pieces from may 2009. Has been used on 50 dives and has been rinsed and cleaned in freshwater after each dive. Asking 1550 € for the package except strobes and arms. 2350 € for the lot.Could be a little flexible on the price. Will pay for shipping. If you're interested drop me a line and I'll send some pictures.
  7. I use a pair of receiver gloves to do it, gives me the traction to loosen them by hand...works everytime If you're in the US it shouldn't be a problem to get a pair of Football receiver gloves...
  8. As mentioned above the 60 mm is a super lens! A must-own for every uw photographer. I own the Sigmas you mentioned and also the Tokina 10-17. If you compare the Tokina and the Sigma 10-20 for underwater, the Tokina is miles better! I think of my uw photo carrer as: pre-tokina and post-tokina. It's such a great lens to use. But the Sigma 10-20 is a super lens to use topside though, it's almost always fitted to the camera... The 17-70 is a great lens as well but if I had to choose today I'd probably go with the Sigma 17-50 or Tamron 17-50 since they both are 2.8 and the price difference isn't that big... Good luck with your choices! //Erik
  9. Thanks! I love muck so Blue Heron bridge sounds like a good spot.... Anybody dived the Vandenberg? Is it worth visiting or should you go somewhere else?
  10. Hello I'm planning a trip to Florida in June/July and consider to squeeze a day or two of diving into the schedule. I'm thinking somewhere in the keys, which is best Key West or Key Largo. I know that they have the Vanderberg close to Key West but is there something else? All suggestions and advice are more than welcome
  11. Sweet! Well done! Nice editing and really good music...
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