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  1. I'm thinking that needs to go back to Ikelite. The red light is an indication of battery strength, not the strobe. Good luck with it.
  2. I have been deciding whether to house my Canon 7D. My biggest gripe with the camera is the focus point does not light up in red when using AI Servo AF. I use AI Servo underwater. Thus the focus point on the 7D would be black. Do most of you Canon users use One Shot AF or AI Servo when shooting underwater? I shoot mostly small fish and macro type shots when I can. Any thoughts?
  3. I did the upgrade. The upgraded strobe looks exactly like a DS-160. It says DS-160 on the side, the pwoer knob is a DS-160 power knob. I can't speak to reasle. The price is determined after they examine the strobe. My guess would be a newer DS-125 would be on the lower end of the price range for upgrading, but that is a guess.
  4. IKelite says no go on this. The diameter of the 15-85 is too large for the zoom gear to fit is what they say.
  5. The 30D and 40D are very different cameras. As you have seen the size is different, but the biggest issue you will face is the placement of the buttons (not shutter) are very different. Good luck on your efforts, please report back on your success.
  6. I think you will find that the two cameras are very different and thus to the extent you can get the MKII in the housing, you have very limited functionality. I think the differences are so large that no one has really undertaken the effort with much, if any success. I would suggest you look a the 5D MKII review on dpreview. They have a body comparison and you can see how much the buttons have moved. Memory tells me the MKII has a larger LCD as well. Good luck on your efforts, I am sure there are others that would be interested in the success that you have.
  7. I am in need of a sweet copy of an Ikelite 5503.55 port. If you have one, I will pay you a fair price for it. Thanks.
  8. Maybe.... Try the setting on the bottom of the housing back. Move it to the DS-125/160. Sounds like it si set to the DS-51 side.
  9. I have two used Ikelite 5502 ports for sale. The ports fit the Canon EF-S 60MM MAcro lens. There are some scratches on the outside, but they do not affect picture quality. No leaks. $50 each, plus shipping. USA only please. Thanks.
  10. Yes, I did. I have not had them in the water yet, but they look great. I think it is a good idea as well. Strobes are all updated.
  11. The 5DMKII has a custom function to set the shutter speed in Av to 1/200.
  12. Unless you have old DS-125's it would seem to me on a quick analysis, that it would be cheaper overall to sell a DS-125 and buy a DS-160, rather than pay for the upgrade. A new 160 is about $750, and you can get about $500 for a used 125. So, I don't see that as a downside. It would seem the real upside in this is the ability to get old 125's up to current TTL standards. That is a HUGE upside for those with old 125's. Certainly when the DS-160 and 161 came out they had no plans for upgrades. Likely with the requests and the poor economy, they had a change of heart. I wonder if they actually make more money, on a net basis, performing the upgrades rather than selling a new 160. Of course, we will never know. I applaud Ikelite for the upgrade. I have had nothing but great experiences with them.
  13. Lodge Kura Hulanda is the far better accomodation. Ocean Encounters West is a great dive op. Both have great house reefs, but I like the one at OEW better. Make sure you eat at Landhuis Misje (sp)
  14. Another vote for Little Cayman or the Brac. There is not any gambling in the Cayman Islands. No nude beaches either, if that matters.
  15. I serioulsy doubt you can do that. The cameras are a different size and the button placement is different. You would not have an on/off switch/button. Sorry, but I think you can give up on that idea.
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