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  1. I had an offer for the WWL-1 before your PM. Some how missed getting back to you. Apologize. Do have the strobes available, will PM now. Thanks al
  2. Can sell you the WWL-1 by itself Before I give you a price, do you need the port for morning the lens? Thanks al
  3. Will wait a few days see if anyone is interested in the package, if not will sell you the lens and port to go along with it. Thanks al
  4. I will be selling all my UW equipment due to a health problem, can not get medical clearance to dive. Selling my set up for an Olympus OMD-1 Mk 2 with all accessories etc. Will list below, sure there is more, please ask any question you have. All listed is nine months or less and was purchased from Reef Photo with some as old as three months only. Will provide additional images as needed. Listing the new price for reference only besides the item. Nauticam housing for OMD 1 Mk2. $1900 Nauticam Vacum Kit $220 Nauticam WWL-1. $1150 Nauticam NA-502B-H housing for Small HD 502 Bright HDMI 1.4 imput $1600 Small HD 502 Bright Monitor $1299 S&S YS-D2J Strobes with FO cable $771. There are three of these/ two with FO cables Nauticam 60mm Macro Port $300 Flash trigger. $220 Will sell all of above as a package for $3800. Can break things up if needed. Will be listing many more small items like close up lenses, arms, clamps etc. Let me know if you have any questions and appreciate looking at my gear al
  5. Sorry I'm late answering, just got back from Cayman !! The two housing are very much different in quality and ease of use. In the case of the TG5 as you said not much to worry about flooding, My main reason in getting the Nauticam was a good back up for my main housed camera. Not a hassle to carry on trips and it is fun to shoot. I will be getting a wet wide angle lens, the one I use for the OMD 1 Mk2 will not fit, its a WWL-1. For the TG5 housing a Kraken would work fine and gives a 150 degree coverage with the 24mm setting on the TG5. btw it is a 52mm thread so it will fit right on the camera (will fit either housing you choose) As far as having both housing from the same maker, there is no advantage that I can see. Anything else you need,. please let me know al
  6. Monitor sits on top of the Nauticam housing. It is enclosed in a Nauticam housing for the monitor, has both vacuum and moisture detector like the camera housing. The monitor is connected to the camera with a HDMI cable. al
  7. Hi Thani Thanks for the post, excellent video and information, much appreciated. Will be doing a little more video since getting a SmallHD Bright monitor, started working out kinks. Used a white card for balancing and worked well. Love the MWB of your rig, I am using an OMD 1 Mk2 and feel its close but not as good regarding WB, in the price range, the GH5s is king. al
  8. Back from Gran Cayman after diving one week aboard Aggressor V, most in Little Cayman. Have a better feel for the monitor, advantages, disadvantages etc. Will not take into consideration the price since it could be a factor without taking anything else into consideration, its is an expensive proposition. For wide angle its a nice addition but not something you need or have to have in any way. Wide angle being the only application, I would not bother with the monitor at all, having a 45 degree or 180 degree finder makes shooting easy and accurate. Again it is a nice addition to have. For macro does make a difference in many ways, listing in no particular order. First thing I noticed is being able to shoot comfortably & accurately while being safely off the reef. Hover a a few inches off, one finger bracing and one hand camera operation, easy. Love being able to see the subject clearly. On my camera (OMD 1 Mk2) use the continuous tracking, release priority and back button activation. Being able to see when the subject is in sharp focus is a premium, no problem. Working for exerted time on one subject, easy without tiring. Being able to shoot at the correct angle comfortable without tiring, a new experience. Could go on and on, I guess you figure I like it !! The down side has to be weight and bulk. Can see how it would be a factor on a crowded dive boat, on the Aggressor was no problem. Swimming with a current becomes more of a challenge and need to find a way to hold for best efficiency. Found holding by the lanyard, left hand and trailing/overlapping my left leg seem to be the easiest. Diving in a strong current needing to make your way to the anchor line pulling yourself would not be a pleasant. Still will give a try next time I go to the Keys, plenty of current on some of the wrecks. Do almost all still photography but since I had the monitor tried some video. After my first all video dive, like it so much that decided to do a couple of more. Can see myself doing a little more video, particularly macro using a tripod. Hope this gives you a idea for the monitor. btw agree totally on the suggestion above for the iPhone as a monitor. Would not mind if a housing had on incorporated (inside) at a 45 degree angle. Would not have the versatility of the articulating external monitor but the convenience would make it a much better set up. al
  9. Received monitor/housing from Reef Photo, got to check it out in Molasses Reef Key Largo It is a lot of bulk as expected, weight not all that bad. In the water got it neutral after the first dive, just hovers in front of me. Only had to use two large Nauticam Carbon floats (1.3 lb flotation each) Handling is easy and no trouble, did not have any current to deal with. Used a macro lens for both dives, thought it would be the better way to test it. All shooting was still, no videos. Observations were mostly as expected. The monitor was not needed for the majority of images, just makes shooting much easier and somewhat more accurate. For a small number of images made the images possible, do not think I could have done without. For other slightly higher percentage, say 20%, made obtaining a keeper more of a certainty. The bottom line, not a necessity by any means but sure nice to have, a keeper in my book. Heading for Little Cayman aboard the Aggressor next Saturday for a week of diving. Any unusual finds will post. al al
  10. The only problem you will find is fitting the hard lens cap with flotation collar .... but not difficult to trim with rotary tool ( foam flotation) making it fit perfectly. For carrying during dive, I attached a double ender to plastic piece then hang on D-ring of BCD al
  11. HIi, I ended purchasing a TG-5, my main housing is for an OMD 1 MK2. Thought it would be fun using and it is great for macro. My first thought was getting the Olympus housing since its inexpensive, camera is waterproof so not much worries about leaking etc. After thinking about it, decided to go with Nauticam. Happy with the set up. Regarding ports, won't need any. For WA add a wet lens with 52mm, either one which will increase the coverage or just restores the 24mm native angle of view. As someone mentioned above, the only downside is the inability to shoot one manual but not a deal breaker. .... if getting strobes, the Inon S2000 work well, they are small and TTL works. al
  12. What camera would you be using? Got mine from Reef also and can't be happier. On my trip last month to Little Cayman, did not even bother to take the dome with fish-eye. Like the results I'm getting and versatility. You will find advice given by Reef is from user experience and more often than not right on the money. Do get the flotation collar since the lens is heavy, just adding flotation to the arms will make it tiring tilting the unit up and down. btw I'm using an Olympus and 14-42. If you are using an Olympus, does the lens zoomed out fit the port? Also to me it would be inconvenient needing to check for vignetting when zooming more that wider than 14. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing !! Won't regret getting the WWL-1 al
  13. Monitor/housing were both shipped by Reef Photo today and will be arriving Monday !! Will take some pictures and post, Thursday will dive. al
  14. Hi Audrey With the extra batteries and cables (both internal and external) will be around $3700. There is an option of an all inclusive unit, sealed and can't open, but the screen resolution is not nearly as good. Hi Daniel I'm using it with an Olympus OMD 1 Mk2. As you mentioned it is a mirrorless and makes no difference. btw Reef Photo is waiting on the batteries to ship the order. I should be using next Thursday to try it out before heading for Little Cayman. al
  15. Looks great, thanks. I've been considering setting one up! al
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