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  1. I'm interested in you port.
  2. Selling my very good condition Subal 300 setup with Macro Port included. This is a Subal ND 20 that was converted to be used for the D300 as per (by Sam) as described in a UWP #44 Article, pages 22 & 23. The housing has the standard view finder and twin Sea & Sea Strobe connections. Included is: a very nice D300 Camera, Subal Housing, (2) Sea & Sea Strobe Cables, Macro Port for 60MM Nikon lens and Port Extension Ring to allow use of Nikon 105 AF-S VR. Looking to get $1100 + shipping for the Package. I also have the nearly new Nikon 105 Lens with all packaging that I will include for $525 if the buyer buys the housing. I am selling the FE 3 Dome Port separately - $600 + shipping.
  3. I have a mini dome type 3 port.
  4. Subal. Part 4ZN101 As new in the box. $75 OBO. Jeff
  5. To make this a more complete package I have added a standard (auto-focus) Macro port in with the package.
  6. I have recently serviced (Reef Photo) ND20 with standard viewfinder in excellent condiditon and a D200 Body for sale. I am also selling a port extention for the Nikon 12-24 lens and a small extention to allow use of the Nikon 105 Macro lens. This set-up does not include the macro or dome ports themselves but they are readily available. I might be interested in selling the 12 -24 lens as well. Looking to get $2000 for the Housing and the body and $100/ea for the port extentions. PM me or email me at kidsdream@earthlink.net if you have any questions.
  7. I "think" I am looking for a "mid" distance lens to capture schooling sharks and groups of rays. I have a 16mm prime Nikkor that I love, but you need to get close to get great shots. And my 12-24 (with a diopter) and my 18-70 Nikon (stock) lens just are not sharp for animals that are 30-80' away.
  8. Going to Cocos in June and am looking for recommendations for a Big animal blue water lens to work with my Subal/ Nikon D200. I most likely will be upgrading to a D300 or D7000 soon, so I want to stay with a compatible lens, I have a Nikon 12-24 that I used in the Galapagos etc., but I this lens is quite long enough and is a better lens on land than in the water (IMHO). I have some fish-eye lenses that a great for wrecks but are not appropriate. Any suggestions among the Sigma or Nikon offerings would be sincerely appreciated.
  9. Thanks - I found a 220 local to NJ/NY as a result of my posting.
  10. Looking to pick-up a Inon strobe. Please PM me or better yet email me at kidsdream@earthlink.net. Thanks in advance.
  11. Tough to get a unique perspective on this most frequently photographed wreck.
  12. I have a like new Ultra Light Control System AC-USLM 1" ball mount adapter to attach a UK Mini Q40 (or similar AA light) to your housing or arm set-up. $24 delivered.
  13. Cleaning out the locker and came across the Fiber Optic kit made for the YS-90 strobes. I used it for a short while before I went to a hardwired connection. Included is extra un-used Velcro for your housing. I am sure this kit could also be modified to be used for other strobes with a minor modes.
  14. Cleaning out my stockpile of unused equipment. I have a (1) Optical D Cable/Cap W5 Set. This was originally designed for the PT-015 housing but would workd with similar OEM housings. This is new in the box, never been used. I also have a spair Optical D also new in its own box. Combined you can set up 2 Inon strobes (the clamp in the W5 set can support both cables).
  15. The link to the Subal web page with the port info: http://www.subal.com/en/portselection/lens...?markennummer=3
  16. I don't know about the lens ring (I would contact Ryan at Reef Photo), but if I had to do it again I would not spend my money on the the Nikon 12-24. I would go with the Sigma and then possible a 16MM Nikon as well. I have the 10.5 (which I love) and the 60 that I use ith my D200 and Subal Housing.
  17. Your concerns about some of the "missing" functionality of the Nexus ND200 housing are what led me to purchase a Subal housing after demo'ing the Nexus rig (thanks Ryan). My biggist concerns with the Nexus were the lack of MSC button and the lens release lever/button. As I often switch out to from WA to macro for my 2nd dive, I did not want to have to deal with using some type of tool to release the lens and risk getting some water in the housing. Also the lack of a mounting saddle on Nexus, requires you to screw/unscrew and a align the camera very carefully each time you load the camera. As I was starting from scratch (first DSLR) I did not have to factor in any legacy ports etc. Just my thoughts.
  18. Tough luck. Just a suggestion, but your port 'O' Ring issue might be caused by insuffient grease on the 'O' ring. Ryan made it clear to me when I picked up my Subal housing that this was one 'O' ring that need a good amount of lubing up to prevent it from getting pinched. I only have 15 dives or so on this rig, but I have been water tight to date.
  19. I have 2 220S's and love them. While not quite as powerful as the 125's, the size and wieght reduction in comparison are huge (as you know). Plus the Sea & Sea sync cord is quite a bit more "robust" in practical operation then the Ike. One thing though, new 220's are not available. The 240 is the only option at this performance level currently available from Inon.
  20. I am using a Kingston 4GB card (80x I think) with good results. 200+ images using Raw and fine JPG combined.
  21. I dove the Nexus (D200) before I purchased my Subal. While I did like the stock handles (the std. Subal right hand handle is a bit of a stretch for the ap. and shutter speed dials for my small hands), I did not like the mounting system for the camera (no quick disconnect slide w/lock) as well as the less friendly ergonomics of the housing itself. So Subal it was. Jeff
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