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  1. Hi Steve, thanks. I'm in the process of re-designing the site and the galleries will be more user friendly. You can currently only click on the bottom R/L arrowheads to proceed to the previous or next photo. alex
  2. I finally uploaded the latest photos from Malapascua and Timor I've been very impressed about Timor. It's reach of marine biodiversity and it's basically unspoiled... so far. Malapascua was awesome as usual. alex
  3. Diving Adventure I got diving and photography equipment from them. They are nice and the prices are not higher than other places. alex
  4. Hi all, I read this post yesterday and I immediately (without reading the instructions/limitations) purchased the PDF version from www.ebooks.com That version is a Digital PDF with rights restriction (DRM) therefore it can only be read through Adobe Digital Edition (http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/) on the computer. No other choices from this website. You can't read it on the iPad! I read somewhere on that website that you can use the purchased copy only on one computer, but Adobe website explains how to transfer your book up to 6 computers. In actual fact you can authorize more than one computer with adobe and just copy the file over. Just in case someone makes "my mistake" of thinking to be able to read it on the iPad... alex
  5. Hi thanks a lot. Yes I used a D300 with an Anthis close-up lens. I hope to receive a Subsee magnifier soon. I ordered it after I came back from that trip but it is not in stock at the moment. I really found the poor visibility to be very challenging and using a 105 lens didn't really help. I had to modify even my strobes configuration because of the amount of backscatter. Anyway good experience. alex
  6. Hi all, Here are my latest photos from Malapascua (Philippines). The visibility was in general pretty poor. A lot of suspended particles and plankton. Not very successful, but back in a month. Comments and criticism are as usual very welcome. alex
  7. Hey Steve, Thanks. We stayed in Tulamben which is a fairly quiet area to stay for 10 days and not as many dive sites as other areas, however I never got tired of diving the same places over and over. There was always something different and exciting. The accommodation was excellent (Tulamber Wreck Divers) and the guide really good. Would I go back? absolutely. alex
  8. Hi all, Finally after one year I could manage to have a holiday! Here are the photos from Bali I could manage to take photos of some "must photograph sooner or later" subjects. It's been really awesome. Comments and criticisms are more than welcome. Thanks, alex
  9. Steve, I go to Club O. 2-3 times a year. They own just one boat which may be used for a maximum of 6 divers (I think). If they have more people they hire other local boats. Peri has always been my guide (actually I "book" Peri before booking the resort) and he is one of the best guide I had. The accommodation is basic. There are 3 bungalows (one more will be built... if not done yet) plus few rooms. 2 of the bungalows are on the hill side, very pretty. No a/c, only ceiling fans. All is made in bamboo. The beds are very comfortable. If you stay in the lower rooms (the one close to the sea) it may take a while to get used to "noise" of the sea waves. Everything is clean and tidy. The food: it is usually served as buffet. Lots of variety and great dishes. You can eat as much as you want without problems. Everything very natural, simple and tasty. There is always rice, meet, veggy and dessert every time. All the meat is barbecued and the fish very fresh. The staff is very smiley and kind. What else to say? I have some photos of the resort. If you want i can send them to you. alex
  10. Thanks Stephen. I wish I could, but it is not very easy. We'll see in the future. alex
  11. Hi, actually this coral had one shell above (in the photo) and one below. I have one shot of the the two together but not very good because I didn't see them at the moment, but I realized it only when I was at home! Anilao = Club Ocellaris. I've been there six time and wouldn't change. Exactly where you stayed, but you have definitely been luckier. September is still typhoon season and it was the first trip for Peri, the DM. I always go during the low season. Advantages: the resort is empty and can organize my days as I like. Disadvantages: it is the beginning of the season and the sea floor is still shacked by the typhoons and rough seas, and the guides still don't know where the cool stuff is. Never mind, I've never been disappointed! alex
  12. Thanks and sorry for the misspelling. If you have noticed they all have warm colours (compared to the previous galleries). Not sure what the reason is. Now I have all the colour spaces set to Adobe RGB, I calibrated the monitors and this is the result. Not sure I like it, bit I didn't noticed it until I created the web galleries. The reason behind it I think it is because when I did the RAW conversion the monitors had a custom colour profile and i think it was too cold. Therefore I probably saturated the photos with more red. Not sure really where the issue is here. Do you think it makes sense? Thanks again, alex
  13. Hi all, I've just uploaded the latest gallery http://www.alexgrioni.com/images/galleries...%20092008/index Any comment would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot. alex
  14. Hi Shil, Don’t use normal silicone grease on silicone o-rings. You can’t use silicone grease on silicone o-rings. You can use this grease on polyurethane o-rings, or other plastics, but not silicone. You have to use fluorosilicone grease on silicone o-rings A while ago I wanted to find and alternative and after a lot of researches I found out that it was my fault if I damaged some o-rings. They all swelled up. I bought fluorosilicone grease and it did work. Look at these sites. http://www.efunda.com/designstandards/orin...;SC=Sea%20Water http://www.camerasunderwater.info/articles/maint.html http://www.dowcorning.com/applications/sea...amp;country=HKG I ultimately advise you to use the original grease. Different housing use different plastics for the o-rings and the grease may damage them. alex
  15. Hi, Just been back from Anilao after my 6th time. Everything is great there. Now is low season (they just had a typhoon) and nobody is around. Actually the season is starting now. My always favorite is Kerbis Rock. I usually dive it at 7.00am. By the end of the dive, when the sun is up, the sun light hits the big boulder and is amazing (we spotted 3 huge frogfish). Also very good are Beatrice for drift dives and you dive it in slack is incredibly good as well. The highlight of 2 weeks ago was, in Bethlehem, a boxer crab carrying eggs. at the same site we found a huge number of nudis. I could go on forever and all the other sites mentioned below are always great. The most famous muck sites: Basura and Mahinit. Photos on my site soon. Enjoy it. I'm really envious! alex
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