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  1. Did you mean the pany 8-18 mm? I did not find a Panasonic 8-16. Nauticam makes a port for this lens for the EM-1 M II.


    Yes, sorry the 8-18. My bad.


    -@wapiti THanks, this helps as I think I'll plan on not needing to acquire a new lens and instead figure out the port and housing configuration for the 8-18. Let me know how the 3-D printed gear works, I have access to a printer locally and could do the same if that works out (probably).

  2. I am totally new, as in actually still looking to acquire gear for underwater photography. I have done quite a bit of top side photography, and while not an expert, I know my way around a camera/composition etc. I am trying to figure out what housing/port set up to purchase and looking for some advice.


    Details: I mainly photograph with an Olympus em1 mii. As such I have a wide range of lenses already. I mainly am interested in photographing wide underwater (primarily wreck or underwater "scenes"). I have a Panasonic 8-16mm. Topside I really like this lens as the effective focal length of 16-32 gives a lot of options and while not quite as sharp as the Olympus 7-14mm, I find it to be pretty sharp. I searched the forums and couldn't find anyone using it.


    Question: Has anyone tried the Panasonic 8-16 lens? Thoughts? (On the aquatica set up, I couldn't even find a port listed for it)


    Question 2: Anyone have thoughts on the differences between aquatica and nauticam as it relates to the olympus set up?



  3. Hi I am somewhat frequent diver, less than I would like, but more opportunities than a lot of folks who live in the North East like I do. I am a somewhat accomplished photographer, but have never photographed underwater and am looking for a place to learn/get advice/ask questions.

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