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  1. Thanks. I have the new housing that came with the TTL circuitry. I'll check the internal connections.
  2. This is puzzling me. I have 2 Ikelite DS-160's connected via Ike cable to an Aquatica housing for my Canon 7D MkII. For the last few weeks the strobes have been spontaneously firing while on a dive. I replaced the cable thinking there was a short there but still happens. I have looked at the connectors, pins are all straight, not wet and they function normally when shooting. Doesn't happen all the time and can't "make it" happen by doing anything. I think they are possessed! Any ideas or theories???? Thanks Jay
  3. Hi - would you spilt up the pkg and sell items separately? Looking for the new strobe batteries,
  4. I have my Ikelite glass flat port, Ikelite 5510.35 for sale. Selling as I changed housing types. It is currently posted on EBay: Ikelite Flat Port Assembly for DSLR Housings 5510 35 | eBay I used it with an extension with both my 60mm and 100mm macro lenses. From Ikelite (www.ikelite.com): The Modular Glass Flat Front features a durable, optical grade glass front element. Lens Extensions are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate most popular portrait and macro lenses. The Modular Glass Flat Front does not attach directly to a housing. A compatible Lens Extension is required. Each Lens Extension simply threads into the base of the Modular Glass Flat Front. Measure your lens or Use our Port Finder to determine compatibility and choose an appropriate Lens Extension. Please PM me with questions - Listed for 175 with free shipping on EBay - I will accept reasonable offers here and pull it from EBay. Jay
  5. I have a recently (March 2015) manufacturer refurbished housing for a Canon 7D for sale. It has new seals, electronics, front housing section. It currently is listed on EBay - http://www.ebay.com/itm/121595955318?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 Please pm with questions. Thanks
  6. 5505.45 Flat Port (fits Canon 100mm USM macro) - $100.00 + shipping (list $149.95) **SOLD**
  7. I have 3 Ikelite ports for sale. All are in great condition with minimal marks on the optical surface that do not impact the underwater image and can be buffed out if desired: 5503.50 6" dome port - $125.00 + shipping (list $199.95) 5505.45 Flat Port (fits Canon 100mm USM macro) - $100.00 + shipping (list $149.95) 5502 Flat Port (fits Canon 60mm USM macro) - $80.00 + shipping (list $124.95) I prefer PAYPAL as payment method. Please PM with questions. Thanks! 5503.50: 5505.45: 5502:
  8. Hi Cecilia, Did you sell the ports? I am interested in several. Thanks - Jay
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