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  1. Excellent shots! Love the shark sunburst.
  2. Nice shots, like the squid the most. Cheers
  3. Excellent work! Love the reflections and colors.
  4. Hi Tim I have checked as well and yes you do need permissions to dive these sites. Even shore dives from Sharksbay, Ras Umm Sid (some of the local sites) must be accommopanied by a dive center permission, guide and copy of the guide's card (not the instructor card but a CDWS card). Ras Umm Sid has always been like that but they only recently started checking for example at Sharksbay (within the last week) etc...as well. This was not the case last year as you could easily rent tanks from some of the filling stations. So the only way to organize the dives will be through a dive center... However I have seen many dive centers in Dahab advertising dive trips to Nabq Park and some in Sharm as well and I have seen many dive centers in Sharm advertising Ras Mohamed by shore. So if you join an existing trip it should not cost you too much. Cheers
  5. 100% correct Steve. I was referring to having nice stable coral in the photo. Not referring to coral as being a platform to use to stabilize the camera. In this paticular area there are loads of sandy areas in between the coral and seagrass and I used sand to stabilize myself. However a tripod would ultimately be the key. Also as Steve mentions - the stronger surge the harder it would be to stabilize myself... I think filters are a great idea and will work as it will take one or two F stops out which means I can use even slower shutter speeds... Thanks for the advice photovan. Will go back and experiment some more. Cheers Nikki
  6. Below is a photo of a clownfish I saw on one of the reefs in Sharm el Sheikh, problem was 25% of all clownfish on this reef looked the same. In all cases, were the other anemone fish in the anemone in good normal health with no growths or skin colorations and seemed that only 1 fish in a pair were in affected. There were also some of the groupers affected. The groupers had 20 to 40% of their body surface covered in white. It looked like somebody bleached part of their skin white. Have anybody else seen something similiar else where? Could this be some kind of chemical in the water or is this just a disease the fish had?
  7. I have a suggestion for the photo of the week contest. At the moment, the person who post their picture/s first in "picture of the week" contest, is shown last. Maybe it will be better to let the person who post first, get his picture shown first, then followed by others in the order at which time the other persons post their entries? I understand the winner is picked by judges, but one do get the feeling that pictures shown first, do get the most "coverage" I think this will let a participant post a photo earlier rather than to wait untill just before the deadline to post their picture?
  8. Thanks for the feed back. I have updated the camera firmware to 1.4 previously. I normally prefer using the aperture mode, as I am using my flash in manual mode. So it is easier for me to correct over / under exposure. I will definitely try using manual mode in the next dive. Hopefully this will resolve the problem. I have attached two pictures. First picture taken with aperture mode - greenish Second picture of the exact same subject on shutter mode more / less same distance, completely different colors. Both taken with auto white balance. I believe this might be a white balance problem? Camera having problems to get the right white balance in aperture mode?
  9. I have an Olympus E300 housed in a PT-E01. I am using a small housed strobe - Olympus FL20 on manual mode - plus a second stronger slave strobe. Most of the time I take pictures on aperture mode with white balance set on auto, especially when using the strobes. However about 1 out of every 3 pictures I take u/w has too much green in them. I can remove the green color by photo editing, but with limited sucess. Has anybody else had similiar results? Does anybody know of a solution? Any ideas / help / suggestions would be appreciated.
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