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  1. Hello HB Films I have one that I'll sell. DM me for more details and we can chat further about it. I live in SoCal. Mike
  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics. I sent you a DM on the Guadalupe Cage Diving.
  3. Don from M&B will send a chart for measurements. Many of his customers never actually come into his shop.
  4. WACP continues to amaze. On my website I have a pic of a Caribbean Reef Shark and a couple of tiger sharks in b&w. Also just returned from Australia, have two grey nurse pics, aka sand tigers, as well as a leafy sea dragon all taken with the wacp. Headed back to Tiger Beach and Bimini end of February. Apologize for just now posting a follow up.
  5. I use and recommend custom suits by M&B Wetsuits in Long Beach, California. Contact the owner Don Hall. He’s only in the shop Tuesday-Thursday.
  6. I just arrived to West Palm Beach. We leave tomorrow. Hopefully weather cooperates. Not looking too good right now. I’ll post some thoughts next weekend when we get back.
  7. I use a Sony a9 with their 28-70 and the Nauticam WACP. Results are fantastic!!! Sony's 28-70 is still sold as new lens. I'll be using this setup again this October with the tiger sharks.
  8. AOI UMG-01 LCD Magnifier for Olympus Compact Camera Housings Magnifier helps with LCD sharpness as well as eliminates glare Used twice in the ocean and once in a pool New $160.00; selling for $90.00 + Shipping
  9. Hello mwalker_mw This was sold WittzEnd. Thank you for your interest.
  10. Will do. Will send pics tomorrow.
  11. I have both of those and they have only been used underwater a couple of times. I’ll sell for 50% off B&H prices plus shipping. The camera is Red.
  12. Thank you Pavel for that additional information. I figured there was a reason.
  13. With my Sony a9 and YS-D2J's my max sync speed is 1/200th. When I use my YS-250's, I can use 1/250th. This is with a Nauticam housing, their Sony Mini Flash Trigger and shooting all manual.
  14. I use a Sony a9 in a Nauticam using with both S&S YS-250s and YS-D2Js. From the beginning, I have only used FO with the Nauticam flash trigger. Never had a strobe not fire.
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