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  1. Hello HB Films I have one that I'll sell. DM me for more details and we can chat further about it. I live in SoCal. Mike
  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics. I sent you a DM on the Guadalupe Cage Diving.
  3. Don from M&B will send a chart for measurements. Many of his customers never actually come into his shop.
  4. WACP continues to amaze. On my website I have a pic of a Caribbean Reef Shark and a couple of tiger sharks in b&w. Also just returned from Australia, have two grey nurse pics, aka sand tigers, as well as a leafy sea dragon all taken with the wacp. Headed back to Tiger Beach and Bimini end of February. Apologize for just now posting a follow up.
  5. I use and recommend custom suits by M&B Wetsuits in Long Beach, California. Contact the owner Don Hall. He’s only in the shop Tuesday-Thursday.
  6. I just arrived to West Palm Beach. We leave tomorrow. Hopefully weather cooperates. Not looking too good right now. I’ll post some thoughts next weekend when we get back.
  7. I use a Sony a9 with their 28-70 and the Nauticam WACP. Results are fantastic!!! Sony's 28-70 is still sold as new lens. I'll be using this setup again this October with the tiger sharks.
  8. AOI UMG-01 LCD Magnifier for Olympus Compact Camera Housings Magnifier helps with LCD sharpness as well as eliminates glare Used twice in the ocean and once in a pool New $160.00; selling for $90.00 + Shipping
  9. Hello mwalker_mw This was sold WittzEnd. Thank you for your interest.
  10. Will do. Will send pics tomorrow.
  11. I have both of those and they have only been used underwater a couple of times. I’ll sell for 50% off B&H prices plus shipping. The camera is Red.
  12. Thank you Pavel for that additional information. I figured there was a reason.
  13. With my Sony a9 and YS-D2J's my max sync speed is 1/200th. When I use my YS-250's, I can use 1/250th. This is with a Nauticam housing, their Sony Mini Flash Trigger and shooting all manual.
  14. I use a Sony a9 in a Nauticam using with both S&S YS-250s and YS-D2Js. From the beginning, I have only used FO with the Nauticam flash trigger. Never had a strobe not fire.
  15. It’s found inside the battery compartment where one of the four batteries is inserted. Near impossible to read without a magnifying glass!!!!
  16. With my Nikonos 15mm attached to my Nauticam Sony a9 housing, I have not experienced any light leaks so far. I have used it in SoCal and Socorro (limited use as this is not my goto setup but still experimenting and having fun with it). As for durability, nothing so far has raised any flags or concerns for me while using the 15mm. Maybe you can expand on your durability concerns? S&S 12mm Fisheye Update: I actually have a S&S 12mm fisheye coming my way this weekend. I won an auction last night. Before I send it off to be tested and overhauled early next week, I'll attach it to my housing and verify the aperture and focus control knobs that you mentioned in your original post. I'll probably only have time for pool testing before I leave for my September humpback whale trip. That will be my first opportunity to use this lens in the field if I opt to use it. I can keep you posted on my results if that is not to long of a timeframe for you? Mike
  17. Hello Mark Twain I apologize in advance if some of the following is already common knowledge for you. I am currently looking to get the S&S Nikonos 12mm fisheye myself, but dang, they are hard to come by and I just missed one recently in the Wetpixel classifieds!!!! However, I do have experience with the Nikonos 15mm with my Nauticam Sony a9 system and it is my understanding that others have successfully used the 12mm fisheye with the sony mirrorless systems from Nauticam. You'll need the Nauticam Nikonos Adapter In your camera's menu system, set to (Enable) 'Release w/out Lens ' Set all your camera's focus peaking settings I use the Nauticam leak sensor and vacuum system with my Sony a9 With the 15mm, I'm able to operate the lens aperture and focus controls. It's an extremely fun system to use and I'm liking the results so far. Would love to get my hands on the 12mm fisheye for my upcoming September humpback whale trip; although the 130 FOV of my WACP should be the sweet spot for the majority of our encounters. Best of luck and please keep us posted on your results. Mike
  18. Definitely get the flat port and the Sony 28mm lens since you already own the WWL-1 That 130 FOV fits very nicely between the 16-35mm zoom and fisheyes. The 16-35mm is a great zoom that both the Nikon and Canon dSLR shooters have used for years for wide angle. Sony gives you two lens choices for their 16-35’s. One thing to note with the 28mm and the WWL-1; even with the buoyancy collar, you will have a very negative system. I have recently switched from using Sea&Sea housings with various iterations of the Canon 5D cameras to the Sony a9 and Nauticam housings. Overall, love the Nauticam system and the options to experiment with various wet optics. So naturally, another wide angle option is the 16-35mm with extension rings and dome port. I almost went this route but then bit the bullet and went with Nauticam’s WACP. Todd Winner just recently posted an article about using the WACP with use on Sony full frame cameras on the Nauticam website. A few of my images from Socorro are used in that article. Although the WACP is large and heavy topside, I now have this rig balanced extremely well in the water and feels much better to me than when I was using my Canon 16-35, 80mm of extension and dome port or the WWL-1 with the Sony a9. Plus you get all the angle of coverage of the 16-35 and then SOME!!!! I have also used the Nikonos 15mm with the Sony a9. That is a compact and very fun system to use. I have found that my results are better and extremely sharp when subject is very close to lens. I would still be shooting more with the Nikonos 15mm if it weren’t for the WACP. I’m still shooting and learning how to maximize my results with that setup. As for true fisheye options, I’ve been trying to get my hands on an older Nikonos mount fisheye that was made by Sea&Sea back in the day. It was a 12mm fisheye and I just missed a posting here on the Wetpixel Classifieds. The lens went quick!!! I don’t have underwater experience with the Canon 8-15mm fisheye and my Sony a9, but here are my thoughts and topside observations/results on the Canon 8- 15mm fisheye and the Sigma 15mm fisheye. First off, I loved shooting my older style Canon 15mm fisheye and have produced stunning results with that combo. So naturally, I looked at how I could pull this off with the Sony/Nauticam system. With Sigma recently releasing a lineup of lenses dedicated to the Sony full frame mount, I’m holding out that either Sigma or Sony releases an 8-15mm fisheye equivalent in the sometime near future. So I decided to experiment with the Sigma 15mm fisheye as it’s half the cost of the Canon 8-15mm. First, you will need an adapter to use either the Canon or Sigma fisheye. I experimented with both the Sigma MC-11 and the Metabones v5. Autofocus speed is much too slow to my liking. Topside with the Sigma 15mm, the MC-11 acquired focus somewhat faster than the Metabones but still too slow for me. So, I decided I would go manual focus. Manual focus along with using focus peaking and focus magnify was awesome and quick topside. So I then ordered the focus ring for the Sigma 15mm. Topside testing in the housing did not go well. The focus knob that’s on the 35.5mm extension ring that you will need, was not smooth or consistent in how the teeth messed/aligned with and turned the focus ring. Since my plan was to use this with faster moving subjects, I have decided not to try and experiment with this combo underwater. Also, getting the lens and adapter off the camera during disassembly is not an easy endeavor. However, if your goal is CFWA and more stationary subjects, you may still want to experiment with the fisheyes. I will wait it out and for now, I’m excited about having that 130 FOV and learning maximizing the capabilities of the sony a9 paired with the WACP. Hope this helps and best of luck. Mike
  19. Brand new, never used Reefnet Fiber Optic Micro Snoot for Sea & Sea YS-01/02 Strobes - $175.00 Brand new, never used Reefnet Subsee Adapter for Sea & Sea DX87 Macro Port (SS-DX87) - $115.00
  20. PM sent. Thank you and much appreciated. Mike
  21. Looking to buy (or pay for shipping) a Nikonos 15mm front lens cover. Hopefully someone has one sitting in a box somewhere.
  22. Hello Jason - Yes, I'm interested as I was looking to pick up three strobes.
  23. That's excellent news. Can we connect tomorrow to arrange payment and shipping?
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