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    United States
  • Camera Model & Brand
    Nikon D90, Sea&Sea 2G (made by Ricoh)
  • Camera Housing
    Sea&sea for 2G
  • Strobe/Lighting Model & Brand
    Sea&Sea YS-01
  • Accessories
    tray, arms, wide angle lens, lens caddy, fiber optic cables, etc
  1. Very interested. Do these strobes also have port for 4 or 5 pin connection to camera housing?
  2. Is this strobe still available?
  3. Could you provide photos and more about the history of this equipment? What depth is the housing rated to?
  4. Hi clownfish, I might be interested, but I already have a D90 body with an 18-250 mm macro lens. Would that work with the port you have? If so, what would be the price for the housing (with extras) and appropriate port?
  5. New member Nancey here. Looking to upgrade photo equipment and possibly some dive gear.
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