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  1. I read that Canon can have extreme manual white balance up to 50K, my personal experience is that it can manual white balance at least down to 25m, but some may find the color unnatural.
  2. Thanks, do you mean Keldan Spectrum Filter SF-2? Did it affect the low-light perfomance much?
  3. Color is really good. So you were using a color filter and auto white balance?
  4. I don't have much chance using my 1DC, maybe I kept the aperture too wide open at Monad shoal and North Stradebroke Island.
  5. I am using a tokina 10-17 on my 1DC and it is pretty good.
  6. Based on my limited experience on 5D3 and 1DC underwater, I think red filter is not necessary. Canon DSLRs are very good in custom white balance underwater particularly at depth.
  7. I agree, after my bad experience with FS100 (unusable MWB underwater) and GH2 (color banding with ambient lighting), I would rather wait for real examples before pulling the trigger.
  8. Was BMPCC a good camera underwater? I bought one and sold it in less than a month, I found it very difficult to use.
  9. Hi bubffm, Thanks for the test. May I know approximately how deep were the lemon sharks at 02:18? The result is amazing. Cheers Frankie
  10. Moses, water temp was around 23-24C and I was fine with my 5mm full suit plus a 3mm hooded vest. I went once with Sea Escape and once with MV Valentina and they were both very good operations. I was told that it is not allowed to fly a drone at Socorro Island as there is a military base there, though I flew my drone a couple of times at San Benedicto. It is a really beautiful island. Once my drone attracted the interest of heaps of birds, I guess I was lucky that I didn't lose it. You can check out my youtube channel for the videos if you are interested.
  11. Thanks. I have been there twice but both in Jan/Feb and that should be why I did not experience challenging conditions. Your video reminds me my good time there, thanks. I hope I will have chance to go there again, next time in May for sharky Roca Partida.
  12. Great video Moses. I read from facebook of Solmar V that they saw lots and lots of sharks at Roca Partida in mid May of this year, have you heard about this?
  13. Thanks Rollin, is that possible to have something deeper than 15m without using video light?
  14. I was told that the weather can be tricky in August and so my trip was done in early July. It was very fruitful and I got lots of chance going head to head with them. As water was murky, they could only saw me when they were really close. We saw so many of them so we decided to go to Lunga instead on our 3rd day. https://youtu.be/GwGH1CguXSw
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