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  1. The way to see it if you want to do some tests is that filters on the lens give you around 4 meters benefit on custom white balance.

    Typically custom white balance works to max 10-11 meters before it maxes out. Some cameras like Olympus can do custom white balance to 14K in some models.

    Now there are plenty of schooling fish you can’t illuminate with lights and you need to make do with ambient light that are between 10 and 15 meters. This is basically the filter hot spot.

    In bright scenes 12 meters is also not dark enough to make your lights work well.

    So the filter helps to resolve that 10-15 meters area ambient light scene that cwb can’t cover and lights are not suited to.

    If your scene is in the range 0-10 meters the benefit of the filter especially for video on MFT is to avoid apertures beyond f/11 where the lens perform poorly so as by product you also get better sharpness.

    It really depends on what you are shooting and where but it is nice to have options.

    For what concerns the ambient light filters this is a more complex topic because you use the lights just for highlights and detail not as main source same goes for strobes but you have much more power there

    So for experiment purposes you need to be able to understand what shots work with filters and which not and then in case of closer scenes or caves you ca try the ambient light

    If you start everything altogether you may end up with too much of a challenge

    If your primary use is still images wrecks around 12-15m are the perfect starting point or large school of fish from the distance



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    I read that Canon can have extreme manual white balance up to 50K, my personal experience is that it can manual white balance at least down to 25m, but some may find the color unnatural.

  2. Moses, water temp was around 23-24C and I was fine with my 5mm full suit plus a 3mm hooded vest. I went once with Sea Escape and once with MV Valentina and they were both very good operations. I was told that it is not allowed to fly a drone at Socorro Island as there is a military base there, though I flew my drone a couple of times at San Benedicto. It is a really beautiful island. Once my drone attracted the interest of heaps of birds, I guess I was lucky that I didn't lose it. You can check out my youtube channel for the videos if you are interested.

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  3. I think you don't really need a zoom underwater, water should be very green and full of plankton at that time, you can't get a clear photo if they are not close enough.

    Two cameras may be a good idea, there were quite a lot of seals for you to shoot in the boat and the scenery was gorgeous.

    Will you also go to Lunga Island for birds such as puffins? The island was really lovely.

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  4. Well, thats a pretty general claim I would not sign up to. In some areas Mantas can be shy of light, so if the dive guides gives that alert, I certainly turn them off - just happened to me last week at Manta Point at Addu-Atoll. Most sharks dont mind. Many turtles and certainly batfish are even attracted by lights and like to closely inspect them.


    I tried video lights on hammerheads and blacktip sharks they were scared like hell and so I gave up using video lights. Frankly I don't like having a buddy with really strong wide angle video lights, strobes are fine as they are not continuous.

  5. Went there twice once in February and once in January. Saw lots of silvertips and dolphins in January, lots of hammerheads, manta rays and whale sharks in February.

    Didn't get to Roca Partida in my February trip due to wind, a big disappointment for me as it is the prime area for humpback whales and calves. I heard that the sea can be very choppy in May, in return it is the time for sharks.

    I informed the liveaboard that I want to shoot with a drone in advance, had to inform the captain everytime I shot with it. I was not allowed to shoot in Socorro Island due to the military base there.

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