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  1. Seatool finally released its housing for GF1. http://www.seatool.net/list/GF1.html
  2. How about the new INON LE550-W? with 550 Lumens, 75 degree angle of coverage and just 220gram. http://www.inon.co.jp/cgis/news/img/Specif..._Handlights.pdf
  3. How about Levuka in Ovalau? I will go there diving for a few days also on mid October. Hope that I can have a few dives in Wakaya Passage.
  4. I am using non-HSM version of this lens with my ND300 housing, 170 dome port and 30mm mount base+20mm extension. I am able to use the range of 17-60.
  5. I was just back from a week of holiday in Vilamendhoo, maybe I haven't tried all the exists of the house reef but I found the house reef of Mirihi and Maayafushi much better. Boat Dives from Vila are very good though.
  6. Seatool housing for D300 is good, light-weight, compact and ergonomically good. It is also working perfectly with S-TTL of INON Z-240 through Optic Fiber.
  7. Maaya Thila (North Ari Atoll)- For action of Grey Reef Sharks. Night Dive is particularly good, great barracuda, marble stingray, whitetip sharks.. Kuda Rah Thila (South Ari Atoll) - Large school of blue striped snappers, tuna, jacks, turtles and guitar sharks.
  8. Menjangan is really a nice place to dive, with both Pelagic and macro stuff, nice corals, lots of pygmy seahorse and good visibility. I would rate it better than tulamben. Last time we dive with a small operation named Wisnu (lovinadive) and they are very professinal and the price was very good as well.
  9. I am also planning a land-based diving in Marsa Alam. Most likely I will fly from HKG to Cairo and then to Marsa Alam, both by EgyptAir. The return ticket of Cairo/Marsa is only around HKD1500.
  10. I think you can also buy it from Yuzo Kanda.
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