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  1. Used in around 30dives, never flood. In excellent condition. $560, shipping to US is $15.
  2. Thanks. I don't have time to try the focus system again, but I will get myself a short port to use with a wide converter next time. The idea of setting LX100 to manual focus and press AF-ON to focus is great, I will definitely try it. Yes, it was a liveaboard trip to Revillagigedo Islands.
  3. Thanks. Actually they were taken in 2 trips in Socorro (2013, 2015). 2013 we saw whales and dolphins but very few hammerheads. 2015 we saw lots of hammerheads but no close encounter with humpback whale due to strong wind. I saw school of hammerheads this year both in El Canon and El Boiler. Yeah, I am already looking forward to a return.
  4. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNKldriRi_E[/media] Footage taken at Revillagigedo Islands and Isla Mujeres.
  5. BMPCC and GX7 do not shoot 4K and I think there is no housing available yet for Samsung NX1.
  6. Thanks, have you tried to grade the same scene in the showreel video which is 420? Do you find it less gradable?
  7. Thanks, the original footage that can be downloaded is 420 while you can download the 422 version here I tried to grade them with Pr CS6 to make a comparison but I did not find much differences, maybe I used The wrong tool, not very sure.
  8. It is rather difficult to find the right dome port/extension/diopter combination for 17-40. I use a 17-40 and a tokina 10-17 with my 5D3. 10-17 has much better corner sharpness but sometimes I find it too wide for objects like sharks and rays. I read in this forum that the new 16-35 F4 is better.
  9. Thanks guys, after used LX100 in a trip I miss my 5D3 with magic lantern installed very much. I need a 4K camera with better low light and with more gradable output. EOS-1Dc or A7S/GH4 with Shogun...I will make up my mind before my next trip, thanks.
  10. Does 10bit 422 really help you in color correcting underwater footage?
  11. I think many wide angle subjects don't like strong light and so are my diving partners/buddies.
  12. Hi Michael, please check PM. Hi Michael, please check PM.
  13. Still available, please submit your best offer if you are interested, thanks.
  14. Will someone come up to make a housing for Samsung NX1?
  15. My problem of focus is like this : Setting : Continuous AF -> OFF AFS I tried to use prefocus so I step down the lens to F5.6, find something 3m away, press the shutter to focus and hope that eveything from 2m will be in focus and I don't have to worry about focusing again. But everytime I pressed the movie record button to record something, the next time I tried to record again the focus was not there anymore and I had to refocus again...that was really a problem as the focus ability of LX100 is really bad behind the 3.5" dome. I am sure that I did not touch the shutter button when I record a clip. Yes, I start to think that it is a better idea to use a wide wet lens than a 3.5" dome.
  16. Thanks Steve. We were fortunate that El Canon and El Boiler delivered as we could not go to Roca Partida as it was very windy, spent more than 40 hours on our way back to Los Cabos. We saw the whale shark at Socorro Island - Cabo Pierce. Thanks Jack, yes it was my trip to bring my phantom 2. Yes, the dome port works pretty good but it struggled to focus(it told me that the objects were too close but they were not). Also I am still in the dark of why the camera focus did not stay there when I have turned the continuous AF off and selected AFS. Everytime I found something interesting I have to focus again...when its ability to focus in low light is bad it was really a bad experience. Where did you find the purple tinge in other than in those silkies? My monitor for editing is not calibrated so may not see what you see.
  17. Visibility was not very good in most of the dives. No WA lens, just the 3.5" dome port.
  18. Which AF mode will you use? Continuous AF is generally not usable for wide angle shots due to AF hunting.
  19. Nauticam NA-A7 housing for Sony A7, A7R and A7S in excellent condition. The package includes also the following items : Flat port for 28-70 #37121 Zoom gear for 28-70 #37141 Wide angle port for 35 #37122 Macro port holder #25103 Whole set for USD 2,700. Shipping cost is around USD60. Also for sale are: Sony A7R with 35mm Zeiss Nikonos adaptor for the legendary Nikonos 15mm Nikonos 15mm with view finder All in perfect condition Pls PM for more details.
  20. I found it to be noisy even at ISO 400, 800 is barely usable, red filter may not be that useful as it reduces the light that can reach the sensor. Continuous AF is bad so I turned it off and use pre-focus instead. MWB is generally good down to 15-20m. Here is the screen capture of one of my clips. https://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/16645866419/ ISO 800, MWB, a lot of chrominance noise even after using neat video.
  21. Yes, my LX100 was stuck in the housing just because I forgot to turn the aperture back to F16 (or 4:3?....I forgot) before taking it out, spent more than 10 minutes to take it out finally.
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