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  1. It could not focus with AF, it was fine with AF-Macro, I wonder if there is any "side-effect" of using AF-Macro, such as cannot focus to infinity... The subjects were around 60cm from the camera.
  2. I meant my LX100 could not focus even at 24mm underwater.
  3. My LX100 can only focus with AF-Macro behind the 3.5" dome port( #38702), is this mentioned in its user guide?
  4. Personally I am using this one and it plays my GH4 UHD clips from SD card flawlessly, I could also play my GH4 UHD files in my NAS through SAMBA, no stuttering. http://www.himediatech.com/q3iv.html
  5. The Nauticam one and the 3.5" dome are already available for ordering here in Hong Kong
  6. Very informative, thanks. I read that you will see reflections of the internal port lens if you use WD-4 and shoot into the sun.
  7. Thanks. I have never used an ikelite so would like to know the control/buttons design and also some more about the WD-4 air dome which can be used with this housing. The weight of this housing is actually quite a turn off for me.
  8. Any comment on this one? http://www.ikelite.com/housings/panasonic/6171.10-panasonic-lx100.html
  9. I think I have the same problem but the resolution was greatly reduced only after uploaded to youtube/vimeo, didn't realize that it was due to the title. I mixed 50p with 25p in a 25p sequence and thought it was the problem.
  10. Looks like a housing for LX100 is really coming. http://www.fisheye-jp.com/products/compact/na_lx100.html
  11. Yes, the OIS in my 14-45 is Mega OIS and Power OIS should be better. I read some testing results in personal-view and most of them said LX100 has better stabilizer than 12-35, so I am not sure who's right and who's wrong. Sorry I was talking about video image.
  12. I have one and I found its stabilizer better than the OIS in 14-45 with GH4. Default contrast and sharpness are too high but you can tune them down in color profile. In general I like images from it more than from GH4.
  13. Yes, at least 20 denise on the same seafan. I didn't tell you denise and bargibanti live on the same fan, did I? I said "in that site".
  14. Yes, at least twenty. There were both Denise and Bargibanti in that site.
  15. If you like mimic octopus, Puri Jati is the place for you, saw more than 10 in my last dive there. Actually I like Menjangan Island very much, Eel garden is very beautiful with lots of garden eels, some macros and some big stuff on the wall. There are many seafans in another site in Menjangan and it was the place I saw the most Pygmy seahorses. September is the prime time for Mola Mola, they can be found around Nusa Penida and Padang Bai.
  16. I think $3340 includes the wide angle port GP34A.
  17. I think Kevster is using the combo behind a 3.5" dome port.
  18. Only a couple of hammerheads were seen in my entire 7 days of diving in Isla del Coco in early March of this year, water temperature was 26-28 degree Celsius. I think the sharks were still there but they were staying deep.
  19. Yes, $1350 for both, please check PM, thanks.
  20. https://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/14887717553/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/14681164850/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/14887717553/
  21. They are working fine. Can you pay by paypal? You can return them within 30 days after you received the lights, but return is accepted for defective items only. I can send you photos of the lights and chargers. Frankie
  22. Lights in excellent conditions, used in less than 5 dives. Batteries are not included as I want to avoid the problem of shipping Lithium batteries. US$700 for 1 , US$1350 for 2. Shipping cost to US is US$15 per light.
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