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  1. Derawan is a very relaxing small island with lots of turtles, we saw one big female turtle laid egg at midnight and on the long wooden jetty you can easily see tens of turtles swim by. Underwater it was mostly about small critters and turtles, it was not particularly amazing. There are three islands close to Derawan which make the diving amazing : Maratua, Kakaban and Sangalaki. Kakaban Island is the place with a jellyfish lake, they were some good drift diving as well at the Barracuda point. Sangalaki was famous for Manta ray congregation, but I saw only one from the boat. Underwater we saw some leopard sharks. Maratua is 1.5 to 2.5hr of boat ride from Derawan but it was a place for pelagic, we saw endless barracuda at the channel (Big fish country) and a really big gray reef shark patrolling. we also saw some eagle rays at close range and I heard that it is possible to see thresher sharks. That was my experience way back in April 2007.
  2. Does Sony AVCHD codec use B Frame? I read that size of P frame is approximately 50% of an I frame. So : 25p : Maximum bitrate/ I frame =24Mb/14 (3 full frames and 22 Predicted frames) 50p : Maximum bitrate/ I frame = 28Mb/26.5 (3 full frames and 47 predicted frames) Is that correct? Any comment?
  3. Thanks, I heard that too but I was tempted by the 2012 process as it seems to be much better in highlight and shadow recovery. Eventually I bought a quite expensive plug-in (AE/PP/FCP) called flicker free and it solved most of the flickering problems. I will go ahead to try 2010 process, thanks.
  4. Another option for Sony FDR-AX100 http://www.recsea.jp/list/AX100.html
  5. Hi Fergus, I am using 5D3/ML setup too, do you touch the clarity/shadow/highlight/exposure sliders when you grade with LR? I have tried imported the dngs into AE (ACR) and LR and there are flickering if I touch those sliders. For easier shots I just import the dngs into AE, grade them and render to quicktime mov with DNxHD. For trickier shots I have to treat them like time-lapse, import into LR and grade them, smooth out the flickering with Bridge and export as PSD sequence for further editing.
  6. It was a miserable week in Cocos Island, water was too warm and so sharks were rarely found. It was my first time to shoot raw video with 5D3, some of the color corrections maybe too aggressive. Anyway, hope you enjoy.
  7. Do we need a permit to fly this type of quadcopter in remote places like Socorro Islands or Cocos? There is a military base in Socorro so I really hesitate if I should bring one there. By the way, have you guys experienced any trouble with the customs of Mexico when bringing this quadcopter? Thanks.
  8. Hi Richard, I have just finished a trip to Cocos with a 5D3 Magic Lantern setup and I am really pleased with the result. My workflow : ML Raw -> DNG (Rawanizer) -> Import into After Effects and grade with ACR (don't abuse shadow/highlight or you will get flickering) -> Render to Quicktime mov (Codec: Avid DNxHD) -> Import into Premiere Pro to edit. With ML Raw I used neither a red filter nor MWB.
  9. How about Gopro 3 in a Hugyfot Housing? 3 meter cable should be just about right and you can monitor what you are taking with the original LCD Bacpac in a separated housing. http://www.hugyfot.com/Products/GoPro.html
  10. Thanks guys, I just gone ahead to buy some magic filters for my Tokina 10-17 and 17-40. I will also use this setup in a dive trip very soon and I am a bit nervous too, just in case if the camera lock up underwater...I will have no way to take the battery out underwater and I may fry my 5D3, hope that it won't happen.
  11. Thanks David. But I meant white balance. If yes then I will keep the WB setting at outdoor-daylight and tune the WB in post. Exposure I am thinking to use Auto ISO and AE lock. By the way, have you guys been able to shoot in 1920 x 1080 30p? I have tried Lexar and Komputerbay 1000x 64GB cards but the best reliable resolution that I can get is just 1728 x 972. 1856 is fine in normal mode, but pink weird frames appear in 3x crop mode. Still thinking if I should get a Sandisk Extreme Pro (VPG65) or the new Lexar 1066X as I really want to have a reliable 128GB card.
  12. Thanks. But then there is no need for any manual WB underwater, right? All can be done in post?
  13. If I use magic filter to shoot magic lantern Raw video, will I be able to tune the color back to normal by sliding the color temp and tint slider in ACR?
  14. Dustin is right, I felt pretty cold at Punta Vicente Roca in my 5mm wetsuit+3mm vest with hood and the water temperature was around 18 degree Celsius. I shot with my panasonic TM700 at that time, I tried to shoot with a filter, it certainly helped to bring out the color but footage were too noisy. Finally I decided to shoot without a filter. I think it is a good idea to shoot with a filter if you have a camera with much better low light capability than my TM700(like your RX100 II) Macro lens...the redlipped batfish is not that small that you need one.
  15. I have also just bought a 5DIII for video, have you try the one push white balance of Magic Lantern?
  16. I was using a pair of Mares gloves 3/2mm. It was Galapagos Sky, sorry that I don't not have much memories about thermoclines, I was too concentrated at shooting hammerheads and fighting against the surges.
  17. I used a 5mm wetsuit with a 3mm vest with hood in my previous trip to Galapagos (June 2011) and it was fine. However I think a pair of thick gloves is a must as there were really wicked surge and current in Wolf (landslide) and those boulders can be really sharp. My buddy used a pair of normal dive gloves and was cut badly.
  18. Finally have time to do a little test. I used a clip shot by GH2 which has some color banding. Original 60% luminance noise reduction 100% luminance 100% luminance , 100% sharpening I think neat video increases color banding by just a little bit. You can browse them in original size here :
  19. Thanks. Basically just the tint slider, temperature slider and exposure in ACR.
  20. Thani, thanks very much for your test. I am really impressed by the extend that these raw video files can be tuned. Can't wait for the housing for my bmpcc.
  21. I went to Galapagos 2 years ago with a Panasonic GH2 and a TM700, shot quite a bit with GH2 but I found it not as good as TM700. Most of my shots with GH2 have serious color banding issues especially when I was shoting into the blue. I was using flow motion v2 hacked firmware.
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