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  1. Yes, tried for less than a minute. What are the few improvements that you mentioned?
  2. I tried it yesterday and there is still no custom white balance setup in Movie mode.
  3. Still available for sale, price adjusted to US$700
  4. Still available for sale, price reduced to US$1500
  5. Still available for sale, price adjusted to US$750
  6. Like new condition, never used in sea water, tested in bath tub only. Suitable for nauticam housings with M16 Accessory port. For SmallHD DP4 with backplate for Nikon EN-EL15, parts also included to accommodate DP4 with blackplate for Canon LP-E6. Included : 1x NA-DP4 Housing (with waterproof protective cap for HDMI cable) 1x HDMI Bulkhead with M16 thread (with waterproof protective cap) 3x HDMI cables (lengths 190mm, 130mm and 110mm) 1x Silicone grease Please note that one small o-ring for the HDMI Bulkhead is missing but you can use the o-ring of the M16 accessory port of your own Nauticam camera housing, it does not affect its function. Asking Price: US$800 Shipping cost from Hong Kong to US is US$26.
  7. price revised to $900, please send me PM if you are interested, thanks.
  8. Still available, price revised to US$920
  9. Price reduced to US$1750. It is suitable for TM700/HS700/SD700.
  10. This dead shark was found at Levuka passage of Fiji on 2009. We guessed that it was eaten by another shark.
  11. I just read the manual of 7D and it is 2,000K to 10,000K, did I miss something in the manual?
  12. Thanks. Yes that was Sea Escape, the bait was just the remains of a fish that was caught on the way to the islands.
  13. Recsea underwater video housing for Panasonic TM700/TM750 in very good condition. http://www.recsea.com/Recsea/products/video/pana_rvh-ptm700.html Includes the following parts. 1. Recsea video housing body for TM700/TM750 with a flat Port included 2. Base tray and left handle (STG-01L) http://recsea.jp/list/STG.htm 3. Recsea dome port H type (For TM700 to use with VW-W4607 wide converter (0.7x) 4. Original Red filter from Recsea for flat port. For more picture please refer to Asking for US$2100, if you are interest please ask me for Shipping cost from Hong Kong TM700 can produce excellent footage underwater. Here are some of my videos with this camcorder.
  14. I am pretty sure that you can find it inside the menu. I don't have a 5D MK3 but it is the case for 6D.
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