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  1. If it is S-TTL of INON then you can increase/decrease the output of the strobe by your selected ev based on the TTL value, not sure about DS-TTL.
  2. I think the deeper you go the MWB result color temperature should be higher. 15,000k in shallow water sounds weird to me, it should be close to daylight. I have never used my FS100 underwater but I have tried it in an aquarium. I think 15,000k is useless in practice, it just boosted the red channel too much, maybe you should try something pink in color to do the MWB.
  3. These are the vertical video resolutions of some camcorders/ cameras according to test by camcorderinfo.com/digitalcamerainfo.com Panasonic HC-X900 950 lw/ph Sony CX760 800 lw/ph Panasonic GH3 800 lw/ph Canon 5DM3 750 lw/ph Nikon D800 750 lw/ph Canon 7D 700 lw/ph Nikon D4 700 lw/ph Canon 5DM2 650 lw/ph Sony A77 600 lw/ph Canon T4i 600 lw/ph Canon HF-G10 600 lw/ph
  4. Yes it exists in the original footage. I don't think the problem originated from resolution. My Panasonic TM700 (which was used to shoot other underwater footage in my video) has even higher resolution than GH2 but it doesn't have the color banding problem as seriously as in GH2.
  5. I personally think that the encoder of GH2 is not very good for underwater works. There can be lots of color banding under certain situations, even when it is hacked to use very high bit rate. For example, color banding is very visible at 3:53 and 4:00 in this video. Please excuse my amateur video taking skills. I was using FlowMotion setting.
  6. But G15 is 1080 24p, I hate motion judder of 24p.
  7. If I want to use M67 version of this lens, should I buy type 1 or type 2? Thanks.
  8. Sony alpha series cameras have the same restriction in setting custom white balance in movie mode. I think the problem may be caused by RX100 is using almost the same menu as alpha cameras.
  9. Like new condition, never used in sea water, tested in bath tub only. For SmallHD DP4 with backplate for Nikon EN-EL15, parts also included to accommodate DP4 with blackplate for Canon LP-E6. Included : 1x NA-DP4 Housing (with waterproof protective cap for HDMI cable) 1x HDMI Bulkhead with M16 thread (with waterproof protective cap) 3x HDMI cables (lengths 190mm, 130mm and 110mm) 1x Silicone grease Please note that one small o-ring for the HDMI Bulkhead is missing but you can use the o-ring of the M16 accessory port of your own Nauticam camera housing, it does not affect its function. Asking Price: US$980 Shipping cost from Hong Kong to US is US$40.
  10. Price revised to US$1300. Shipping cost to US is around US$40 from Hong Kong.
  11. - Nauticam Housing for GH2. - 3.5" dome port with cover for Lumix G 14mm / F2.5 ASPH The housing has been used in less than 30 dives, excellent conditions except the the spring for the shutter is loose, but it is working perfectly. Asking : US1400 not include shipping (From Hong Kong)
  12. Thanks for your review. Can you compare the brightness of your Sola 2000 with your FIX Aquavolt 3500? If Aquavolt is at 115° (3500 lumens) while sola 2000 is at 70° (2000 lumen) then FIX 3500 should be way dimmer than sola 2000. I am looking for a pair of lights to light up around 90° only
  13. Joe, do you have any date for the ninja splash pro? Is there any chance to use LA-EA2 with this housing? Also, are the handles detachable? I am thinking about packing it into a backpack as carry-on.
  14. Thanks. Some of the underwater clips were taken with Panasonic GH2, I can see some serious color banding.
  15. You can try ProDAD Mercalli or Warp Stabilizer in After Effects CS5.5.
  16. Quite impossible for not going to change underwater, that's simple Snell's Law.
  17. 120° angle is in air or in water? Keldan Luna 4V has 115° in air but only 80-85° in water.
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