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  1. Is the housing for FS100 available now? I can see that it is available for order in B&H but there is no information on its specifications and ports...
  2. I found quite a few shortcomings in the movie mode of Sony SLT cameras, I think it was designed for those who want to take videos in auto mode. 1. No Custom White Balance in Movie Mode. 2. Cannot use Manual Exposure in Movie Mode unless you change to MF. 3. Custom White Balance Error "9900k M9" under artificial lighting. Nex cameras have the same problem.
  3. I think Nauticam will release its housing for SmallHD DP4 monitor soon. How does it compare with CLM-V55?
  4. I am thinking to use it for underwater video. Does it MWB well underwater? Does it inherit the White Balance Error - 9900k M9 of Nex5?
  5. May I know if this video light has soft smooth edge or not? I am really interested in this light, thanks.
  6. Hi, does it come with any wide angle optics other than the standard flat port?
  7. Thanks. I think its low light capabilities is really impressive after watching your new video. Is that possible to have some tests on its manual white balance with and without filter under depth? Many thanks.
  8. There is a L&M official sample here. http://vimeo.com/24138733
  9. Yes, they are both using Fathom 90 with Model no. 802-0259.
  10. Eagle rays, the red-lipped batfish, the resting turtle and play sealions were taken with GH2.
  11. Manual exposure is certainly better but I think in some diving conditions it is not very feasible. In my last trip the surge and current was so strong that I could hardly do just "point and shoot". 7-14 should be good for photos with strobes but I doubt if it is fast enough for video especially when u are shooting below 25m.
  12. I have used my GH2 in nauticam housing for several dives. Mostly I used FSH in S Mode and fixed shutter to 1/100s (PAL), Auto ISO and Continuous AF. I have the following observations : 1. MWB with a light grey glove tends to result in a WB shifted to the "Green" Side. Clips were quite noisy so I gave up the idea to use a red filter. 2. FSH mode has unacceptable noise and the bit rate is not sufficient. I will try 24P cinema mode next time. 3. ETC crop mode is good for macro, but it is noisier and need a lens with OIS. 4. Focus hunting was quite severe as I think the aperture was wide opened which is not good for AF. I think it is better to turn off the continuous AF
  13. Currently I am using it with 14mm prime only. The port is a 3.5 inches dome port. I am using the housing with inon holder 2 grip set.
  14. I have received the Nauticam housing for GH2 already. Controls are really nice especially on the dial. The new 3.5 inches dome is really small which makes my whole setup very compact.
  15. The diving around Levuka was good, many reef sharks and barracuda, beautiful shallow reef with nice hard corals and colorful small fishes. The diving around Wakaya was even better, manta and hammerhead can be seen quite regularly. The dive center in Levuka helped us to book levuka homestay and it was good, clean rooms with beautiful garden and very welcoming host.
  16. Is there any error code displaying on the lcd screen? If it is c:32:11 it is a very common error of tape camcorders of sony and jvc, u can find many solution in the internet. I solved mine using the method stated in my last reply.
  17. Is that C:32:11 error? I managed to resume my HDR-HC3 back to normal after reading a few tips on the web yesterday. 1. switch off the camera. 2. remove the battery. 3. turn the mode dial to tape recording position and wait for 15-20 seconds. 4. put the battery back.
  18. For GF2 or GH2? Recsea has released one for GF2 already. http://www.recsea.com/Recsea/products/dslr...a_rdh-pgf2.html
  19. Thanks for your correction. I didn't know that 11.3 pounds includes the camcorder and port, this weight is more acceptable. 15000K, custom color temperature and excellent low light sensitivity. This camcorder seems to be very suitable for use underwater.
  20. I am also interested at HF-G10 but the housing by Gates is a bit too heavy for me. I just found Diveross housing, is it possible that it can house HF G10 as well? http://www.diveross.com/products_eng_detta...hp?IDProdotto=6
  21. Housing by Seatool/Recsea definitely have an edge over nauticam and Nexus in terms of size and weight.
  22. Yes it does on land but I have yet to try its performance underwater, awaiting for housing by Nauticam or RecSea.
  23. Yes, I was talking about MWB for video as I prefer taking video to still. I just bought a GH2 and a 14mm pancake lens, I think it is a good idea to use it for WA shot and ETC for macro.
  24. Thanks. Did u keep it in checked or in hand luggage?
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