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  1. I am really interested at gh2 too, but I doubt if it has the ability to MWB at depth without using filter just as 7d/5d2 do.
  2. I am really impressed by this light. I really like its ability to change the angle of coverage so I can use it as a video light and dive light. Do you guys have any experience traveling with it to EU countries? Any problems as it is factory sealed and I can't remove the battery from the unit.
  3. Sangalaki/Derawan/Kakaban/Maratua are actually pretty close to Tawau which in my opinion provide better diving than Sipadan. From Tawau there is ferry service to Tarakan (Indonesia) where you can be picked up by speedboat to resorts in Derawan or Maratua.
  4. 1. It is the same as doing that in the remote controller. If you have already done MWB once, you just need to press the OK button twice to do it again. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do MWB. I did several dives with this camcorder mostly with an external red filter. The results were usually good to very good when I use sand as reference and especially in the first 20 metres. For wall dives, I am still testing the best way to do MWB. My results were usually a bit too purple if I use a white slate as reference and too green if I left it at AWB. 2. Yes, I am using an external one. If I use a dome I place a magic filter between my camcorder and the internal Wide angle converter. 3. No idea for this one. Seatool USA? Reef Photo? 4. This housing is very compact and so negatively buoyant.
  5. [vimeo]15325282[/vimeo] It has been converted to SD by Vimeo as I am not a plus member, for original quality you can download the original file.
  6. In case if you are interested at this camcorder, I have uploaded 2 clips to Vimeo. You can download the original files. They were taken with either Auto or Manual WB with Red filter. http://www.vimeo.com/15239180 http://www.vimeo.com/15226585
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/...57624679622744/
  8. I have received the Seatool housing already. It is very small and compact. Buttons on the grip simulate functions of the remote controller, send IR signals to the camera to provide the control. Here are the functions on the grip. 1. ON/OFF Power 2. Wide/Zoom 3. REC 4. PHOTO 5. OK Button 6. UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT for you to surf through menu. Besides those buttons on the grip you only have access to the function button and the focus ring. For the focus ring to work you have to buy an extra (focus/zoom) gear. I don't have time to get it wet yet but I find 2 problems so far. 1. There is no way to switch back to IA Auto mode once you switched to Manual mode. 2. Resolution of the external monitor is not really good. Besides, there is no flip-in filter for this housing which I already know before I made my order.
  9. The English manual for PT-EP01 is wrong. I checked the Japanese manual it said the camera should set to RC Mode = ON for UFL-2. I think there must be some way to set the channel in your E-PL1. Is that there are only ON and OFF in the item RC Mode in the menu?
  10. If you are looking for Mola Mola then you should stay Sanur/Kuta, Padang Bai or Nusa Lembongan. Other than that Mejangan Island in the northwest do offer a good mixture between macro and Wide angle. Eel Garden is so far my best dive in Bali, I have never seen so many pygmy seahorse in a single dive before.
  11. No experience yet. I just placed the order and I should receive it by the end of this month.
  12. http://www.seatool.net/list/TM700.html HS700, TM700 and SD700 are all the same except the kind and size of memory.
  13. I was interested at this housing too but I couldn't find any information about its specifications. I placed an order on Seatool housing instead. There is no flip in filter but I love its small size and its ability to use WA converter inside the housing.
  14. Sea & Sea housing for D50 was designed for manual flash only, it has to be modified to feed all the contacts from hot shoe to the bulkhead. Also INON Z240 does not accept i-ttl of D50, you need a TTL converter.
  15. Is there any preflash in your LUX4? I suspect yes and so your Z-240 flashed multiple times instead of just once. When the power is less than 8, you strobes are able to recycle on time but not when it is more than 8. This is not the same as your C-5050 and my old C5060 as the manual flash in these 2 cameras do not have preflash. Try to use the advance cancellation circuit and it should be okay. As for the button for advanced cancellation circuit, I was also confused and hence I only do it by trial and errors. There is a similar discussion here http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp...essage=32794359
  16. I have a panasonic ZS3 and its video is wonderful. It can auto-focus throughout the video.
  17. Stunning!! I like the color very much. Did you do any manual WB?
  18. D100 use D-TTL and so I think you need a converter. As only a fews pins of the bulkhead have connections to hotshoe of the camera in old sea&sea housing, they need modifications on the bulkhead before they can be used with TTL converter. Also I can't find D100 in the compatibility list of Sea&Sea TTL Converter, I think you may need a HW TTL converter. http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/accessory/ys.html
  19. I have tried 30 mm extension (SLPME-30) . At 17mm I found the corners were blocked by the black plastic sheet at the base of the dome port (on land). I haven't try the setup underwater.
  20. Sorry that I made a mistake on the kind of extensions that I am using. I am using a 20mm extension (SLPME-20)+ 30mm mount base(SLPMB-30) with my 17cm Dome Port (SLDPM-170F). That means a total of 50mm of extension, but the lens still hits the port at around 62mm. I haven't use diopter as I found that it didn't improve the corners and it further reduces the tele side that I can use.
  21. I am using this setup with Nikon D300 and a 30mm extension. I am more interested at taking WA photos and so I am using this extension. The cons of this setup is that the lens will hit the port at around 60. http://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/...57616077358255/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/44686739@N00/...57616077358255/
  22. Which housing? Do you mean GH1 housing by Seatool? The depth rating is 60m.
  23. The housing by Seatool is on production already though a bit expensive. http://www.seatool.net/list/GH1.html
  24. Seems that Fisheye is going to produce an universal housing which also fits Panasonic. http://www.fisheye-jp.com/fixcam_unsl/index.html
  25. Stunning!! May I know if you did any manual focus? or just used smaller aperture in order to keep everything in focus?
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