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  1. If you want to keep flexibility (seahorse + wale shark you should consider cmc1 + flip holder. You can try that for a while and then decide if you want to pursue with macro. For macro and super macro you can go for 90mm + cmc1 or smc1? ( not sure if both work with 90mm) I would not consider a macro lens alone while you loose wide angle but you don't get super macro.
  2. you can find swing holder M67 to M67 from i-das in the $90. I had one, and it was working fine. I prefer the nauticam flip holder while it allow to have CMC1 closer to the port glass.
  3. John, 1)You can check that you have best in class 18650. At least 3000mAh (real value, not the one written on package) I use 3000mAh Trustfire, that are really 3000mAh. You can find 3500mAh, but is it real value? 2) You could consider replacing 2x18650 by 2x26650 (5000mAh) if it fits in your housing. not obliged to have both at the same place in the housing. You can find holder for a single one and then connect the holder in serie. 3) Switch to Lipo battery. For these you need to measure the biggest rectangle box that can fit in your housing (max WxLxH). Then I can help you to find Lipo that could do the job (not sure it will be better than 2X18650).
  4. Thanks to all for these feedbacks. John, From your post it is not clear for me if you connect the 2 x 18650 with a dummy battery like this: or if you have something like that to power thru USB : I didn't found anything on reef photo site. (I understand that you can not use USB for powering while it is used to drive camera from outside) In any case both solution are good when there is enough room for 2x18650. First solution is very basic with no electronic (except there could be 1 resistance inside dummy battery on the T terminal of battery to give a fake temperature information to camera) & assuming that 18650 are not charged in serie (otherwise balancing is needed) Second solution require a small step down (see picture first post) to generate 5V USB. It probably also include a balance circuit to charge the pack at 7.2V with compensation on the middle point. If it can be recharged from USB it also include step up to go from 5V to 7.2V. These 3 circuits are probably merged into a single one. It could be done with only the step down circuit (<$1) and a battery holder like this: Then batteries need to be charged separately or with a charger with balancing capability. In my case there is no room for even 1 x 18650, so I would like to replace it by something smaller: Small 7.2V battery like the one already in gx9. If it doesn't fit in housing I will go for multiple Lithium Polymer (LiPo) like this: I would prefer higher capacity (>1000mAh) but it will depend on space available. I don't see any issue with Lithium Ion & LiPo in // as far as: - charging current is lower than max current of each battery. So do not charge with 2X current if 2 battery in // but keep 1X current (it will just take longer time to charge) - max charging voltage is bellow max of both type . Most recent lithium Ion are now 3.7V per element & LiPo seems to be always 3.7V. Old Lithium Ion were 3.6V (so do not charge at 3.7V). - they stay connected together all the time. By connected 2 batteries independently charged in parallel it could create a huge inrush current with 1 battery charging the other. Probably I will use a 1ohm resistor to connect them together and let them equalize. Then replace resistor by a short (or keep the 1ohm resistor and loose a small amount of energy) So perhaps these constraint will lead me to choose the solution with step down circuit to 5V usb. Quiescent current of these step down circuit has to be looked in detail. It is <1mA for the one I target. It means a 1% discharge after 10 hours on a 1000mAh battery: negligible for what I need.
  5. I opened a topic to find solution to extend battery of GX9. It also apply to GX80/GX85/GX7II. You can find it here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62108 I'm looking for available room in Nauticam housing to place a secondary battery. Battery size is 42x37x14mm It seems to me that on the right side of camera the free space should be ~16mm wide, 43mm in height: to be confirmed I don't know if the depth is higher than 37mm?
  6. Interceptor, Thanks for your answer. I don't expect to have one drop of water inside housing , and in general it is more 1 pint when you flood a camera (It never happened to me in 500 dives, I cross my finger) GX7: 320 shots, no 4K (mandatory for me, mainly for 4K photo) GX8: 310 shots, could do the job if I find it used, but issue with battery life is still there (new I prefer GX9 because of price & flash) GX85: 290 shots, EVF without tilt for land photo (mandatory for me) GX9: 260 shots OMD-EM1 II: 440 shots, too expensive for me. So if someone sell a NA-GX8 used close to Toulouse it's ok for me but I doubt. (I need it before september) As you have a NA-GX7 could you check if the battery is fitting on the right side of camera or at top of EVF? If not what is available room?
  7. Nauticam just issued their GX9 housing (NA-GX9). GX9 inside NA-GX9 seems almost the perfect combo for me. It is small & light, it has pop-up flash for TTL with optical fiber, GX9 is not so expensive, I like it for land photo. But GX9 has a big limitation which is battery life allowing only 260 shots (CIPA). (it is 440 for OMD EM-1 II) I know there is an eco mode but I want to keep screen ON for more than 10s. I would like to be able to do 2-3 dives without opening housing to change battery (day trip boat, 90+min dive with plenty of critter). Then I need a bigger battery. I would like to include an external battery inside the housing. This external battery would be connected in parallel with internal battery. (it could also be connected to usb with a small step up/down circuit but this is less efficient) Here is how I would like to achieve this: 1) etch a groove in the plastic around battery in order to insert 2 wires. Plastic seems to be 0.5-1mm thick: enough for a small wire. Solder this 2 wires on the +& - connector from battery (on the side of connector to not perturbate camera contact to battery) On the bottom side of battery continue groove to bring wire in fromt of battery door small opening from camera. 2) output wires thru battery door small opening Is it possible to output a wire when GX85 is inside NA-GX85? (it seems there is a small piece bellow battery door) 3) connect an external battery with a connector on the 2 wires. This external battery is ideally the same GX9 battery to double the capacity. But it can also be a smaller battery or even 2 X 3.6V battery in serie. I'm even thinking into a multiple small LiPo battery assembled as a ring around lens. With Lipo battery I would probably go thru USB with a step up or step down circuit as it is not the same kind of battery. I'm looking for the available room inside the housing (could be on NA-GX85 or NA-GX7 to get an idea) Could you tell me if there is enough space somewhere in the housing to place an additional DMW-BLG10 battery? (size is 42x37x14mm) If not what would be the available room to place 1 or 2 smaller battery? To build a battery ring around lens what is the space between 60mm macro & 65 port? Did someone already tried anything like that in an underwater housing?
  8. For those who have the Nauticam housing for GX85: Could you measure the size & weight of housing without port & tray? It is not indicated on Nauticam site. thanks
  9. Hello, I'm from Toulouse France. As a hobby I'm trainer in marine biology for divers. I'm crazy about shrimps & nudibranch. ~60 dives per year between Asia (Lembeh, Anilao, Raja Ampat), Maldives (Amis des maldives), Bonaire, Mediteranee (Banyuls, Llanca, Medes, Marseille, Malta) , Egypte. I started photography 5 years ago with S100 in recsea housing & no flash. After 1 year: 1 flash (YS-01) After 2 years: 2 flashs (2xYS-01) + G7x in recsea. After 3 years: CMC1 macro wet lens I'm thinking about switching to mirrorless like futur GX9. Perhaps Nauticam housing + 60mm macro + 8mm? I already read plenty of topics on this forum so thanks a lot!
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