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  1. Saga makes ones that work both ways: https://sagadive.com/categoria-producto/aros-extension-y-adaptadores/ Alex
  2. Alex is the The Zen 180  for subal about the same as the Zen 170 . I could not find any info on the 180 so maybe you meant the 170?I'm looking for less curved dome than the zen 100 but smaller than my Subal DP_FE4

    You mentioned in my post about the 180 which

    I already have a Subal DP-FE4 the big port.

    I have the Subal port 4 system now.

    1. Alex_Mustard


      Yeah - 170 - my mistake. Sorry. Alex


  3. Just in case it saves you money - domes referred to as 9" and 230mmm are usually the same size. The 8" is considerably smaller - and offers something different. The Zen 180 is also a good mid-sized option. Alex
  4. Not tried it on a dome - but this brought this D2 strobe back to life after a nasty battery flood.
  5. Yeah the leak detection is still part of the strobe. My video was a one-take-live effort - so I didn't remember everything - or explain everything quite as clearly as I would in an edited, written review. The App is awesome - they already added something for me to test in Egypt and I was able to update both strobes and to have a different function on one of the User modes! Alex
  6. The biggest limitation of the D2X is ISO. It is a base ISO camera (ISO 100) and increasing the ISO at all means the image quality falls apart by modern standards. Despite being just 12MP - the files still hold up well and process well and can be uprezzed. Therefore it is best for macro and wide angle in bright conditions with powerful strobes - so that you can shoot at low ISO. Shooting the camera - the LCD screen is very small these days. But the AF is still pretty decent. Alex
  7. A production specification pair arrived with me today. Just took the photo below. I haven't seen the email sent out to those who pre-ordered. But my understanding from Retra is that they are well into the production run now - and they are planning to have all the pre-ordered strobes ready at around the same time to send out in the second half of October.
  8. I have an M5 - it is lovely and small and I am considering taking it underwater. Think it could be a great combo with the Tokina 10-17mm. Has anyone got any updated impressions on this camera UW? Alex
  9. I regularly use Nauticam ports (including the WACP) on my Subal housings (type 4 ports) - I use an adaptor from Saga. I am pretty sure that the difference in port to lens difference is 30mm longer like this (Subal housing sticking out more and the adaptor - compared to the original Nauticam port on a Nauticam housing). Alex
  10. Had to check this thread to see whether the question was photoshopping it into or out of images! Photographers are well aware that images with trash in can be good sellers and we now show off about taking worthy ‘environmental’ images in the same way we used to humbrag about competition wins. I even hear stories (dunno if they are true) of photographers staging photos of marine life interacting with plastic etc. To get back on point - I think the most important thing to consider with manipulation - is if you do it - be open and honest about it (including a note about it in the image caption). I don’t think most people have an issue with photoshopping - as long as they are not misled. Alex
  11. I think it depends on what subjects you are planning to shoot. For me, on some trips it is my most used lens, on others I don’t even travel with it. It is great for big animal destinations with unpredictable diving (e.g. Galapagos, Maldives). But I prefer the straight fisheye when shooting scenics. Alex
  12. Not interested in trying them. But if someone makes a housing that takes Nikonos V lenses - that could change. Alex
  13. Thanks Tom. Hopefully a housing manufacturer will look into making a port adaptor for it. Alex
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