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  1. My problem with DTTL is that Nikon could have done what Fuji did with the S2 and made their digicam's work with standard Nikon TTL guns. Which would have been a great benefit for users of third party underwater strobes. I have found DTTL works very well (on land) so long as you keep it easy for the camera. And there is no reason that it won't do the same underwater. My D10 is currently being modified to work with DTTL gun (because subal supplied mine with on 3 wires of the 5 connected!). I should get it back this week and will report on how it behaves in the pool. If you want to see DTTL in operation then put your D100 or D1 on a slow exposure (in M) and shoot rear curtain synch. You then get the pre-flashes and the main flash seperated by the length of the exposure. Of course if the reflectivity of the subject changes during this time the exposure is wrong. Bad luck Nikon D100 users!
  2. Dave, That is such a great tip and a fabulous bit of lateral thinking. I really like this list! Alex
  3. Hi Dave, Yeah, of course depends what you compare it with. My gripes are only minor. Interestingly with the function dial the plastic mock-up of the housing that I saw at the Antibes festival in France in October had markings on it suggesting that Subal had a solution in mind. (also the housing didn't have the AF-Lock lever - now I really am a geek!) See the plastic prototype I guess once you are in the field with the system (like you have been) an not using it for a couple of hours after work (like I have been!) you soon get used to the function dial and can just count between the 8 positions. Part of the reason I was in the pool was to try out all the settings so I guess I was playing with it more than I would when trying to get nice pictures. Alex
  4. A friend of mine in the UK who is a very experienced housing builder is working on a S2 for a client at the moment. His housings are very compact and lightwieght and can be spec'ed to fit which ever port system you wish. I am happy to pass on contact details to him (but not post his email address online). Alex as a clue he is a past runner-up in the BG Wildlife Comp Underwater Category!
  5. Excellent article. Wish I had known that was online when I was writing my article on the D10 and D100 last week for UWP Mag!! A bit of plagurising would have sure sped up my work!
  6. I do think that Brits have been slower than the North Americans and my friends in SE Asia and Japan in embracing digital cameras. But I am pleased to report that I presented a digital addendum to the talk on swimming pool photography at this weeks meeting of the British Society of Underwater Photography BSOUP. There are few guys I know using D1s in custom built housings and plenty who have a small digi compact. But few are trading in their 35mm stuff. I am working on them, but their is still a long way to go! Alex
  7. I agree that the D10 from Subal housing is superb, but I am not convinced by all the ergonomics of the D10. My minor problems are I find that there is no direct indication of the position of the function dial plus the gearing on the aperture dial is very long. If the aperture is set in 1/3 stop graduations (which is useful for manual flash exposure) then it requires 5 and 3/4 complete turns to get from f2.8 to f22 - which is a bit of a pain. Certainly I cannot rock the dial between apertures like I can with the N10 housing for my F100. I realise that the housing has 25 camera controls. And most are faultless. But these two are probably the most used after the shutter. I realise that for Subal the D10 is never going to be a long term seller, plus with so many controls to work on it is hard to get them all up to their usual standard in time to hit the market with this short lifespan camera. However in these respects I feel the housing is not up to the ergonomic standards of the F100 and F80. Don't know what you think, Dave? Sorry to be over critical but i hope these comments are of value to others in this group who might be considering parting with large amounts of cash. I do love the system really! Alex I have to say that I have found the matrix metering of the D100 noticably inferior to my F100 on land (I am forced to use spot more with the D100), but so far it has been very good in the water - possibly surprisingly. This may be my misconception because of the instant image review of digital. Whereas it is at least a few days before I see my slides and don't think twice about dispatching the wrong exposures to the bin! The autofucus on the D100 (Multi-Cam 900) is significantly poorer than F100 (Multi-CAM 1300) too.
  8. Not mine! They are Dave's shots. Although I have taken plenty of sunsets with my D100 in the few months of ownership. A couple of my D100 test shots from the UK - sea, freshwater and pool are online at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~atmu/D100/d100.html But none are very good yet. Let me get the camera somewhere nice first....!
  9. Hello everyone! I am new to digital underwater and am out here to learn from you old hands. Which I have been already looking through the notice boards. For digital - I use a D100 in a Subal housing. Which is great. My particular interest in digital are the areas where I can get pictures I can't on film, such as the control that digital offers over white balance. Which is FANTASTIC! I see digital as a companion (with a different set of skills) to film at the moment, and not yet a replacement. But there is no doubt it will be. I am a marine biologist and work at the UK's Southampton Oceanography Centre on plankton! I am 27 and also look after the Young Underwater Photographer's website YUP. My main underwater camera is a Nikon F100 again dressed in Subal. But I also use a Hasselblad when I want high high quality. Which when scanned at 4000dpi is 92megapixel rather better than 6 on the D100.
  10. I am just getting into digital, and this is my first posting on the site. At the end of last year I finally started digital underwater with a Nikon D100 in a Subal D10. I have written a review of the system in the next issue of Underwater Photography Magazine (free on-line)! Which is due to be out at the end of the month but possibly earlier. I have only used the camera in the UK in the sea, lake and pool so there are no fantastic images (but that is the fault of the user and the locations and not the camera)! It is a great bit of kit. Easy to use with good ergonomics. Camera takes all my existing lenses and the housing takes all my Subal ports. Main drawbacks are the small viewfinder compared with say a F5 or RS, lack of TTL and still in most cases D-TTL. Something the S2 does much better I gather.
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