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  1. Hi Everyone, Dropping price to $3,000.00. Thanks for taking a look!
  2. This is a package including: Sea & Sea MDX-D850 housing, Zen 8 inch glass dome port (203mm) 20mm port extension zoom gear for a Nikkor 16-35 mm wide angle zoom lens neoprene cover for the dome covers for the back of the port and the housing housing has a Sea & Sea Optical YS Flash Converter which triggers strobe flash units via fibre optic cables. was used for two diving seasons prior to Covid and is in good condition with only some surface wear on the outside of the metal housing. $4,000.00 U S or best offer Shipping worldwide at buyer’s expense
  3. Hi Ajay, I leave for Maratua in about two weeks from now to shoot promotionals for the company that is doing the U S marketing for them. So, I had them ask Maratua your questions. Here's what they told me. "Based on passed record, the tresher sharks are sighted all year round but the time and depth may varied. Good thing is the dive site for the tresher sharks is just right in front of the dive resort (max 2-3 minute) so you don’t have to travel far." and "The macro dive around the resort is abundant, our house reef dive of the jetty is unlimited so you may explore to find many juvenile creatures and fishes which are attracted by the lights from resort. The house reef dive site is mainly sandy bottom and hard coral reef, you may find mandarin fish, harlequin shrimp, seahorse, nudi branch, sea moth, octopus, cuttle fish, gobys, eels, school of jacks, school of rabbit fish, file fish, scorpion fishes, stones fishes, rays , turtle and many more. There is an article on the diving in Maratua published by EZ Dive magazine last July. It will give you a better picture of the overview of the diving experience in Maratua, where there is a very good combination of pelagic and macro diving." Hope this helps. I will do a follow up as soon as I get back. sandy
  4. Hi Brian, With the amount of money that you are planning to spend, even if you end up deciding to go on the lower end, you are still going to be shooting underwater, which appears to be a medium in which you are not experienced. Given the amount of money you are planning to invest, perhaps it would be worth spending a bit more by hiring a photo pro from Grand Cayman to go with you on the charter. The pro will be able to suggest settings and set-ups so that you maximize your shot potential. There are several high quality pros on Grand Cayman. A question here on Wetpixel should create a list of pros quite quickly. Also, your boat charter operator may be able to suggest someone, as well. Sandy
  5. Thank you to everyone for the input. I will visit with my Doc specifically about the sun exposure. I've got a couple of months to get it sorted out. Again, thanks!!
  6. By the way, I did see Drew's previous post. I presume that a strong sunscreen will deal with the sun issue. Again, am I wrong on that issue?
  7. I'm going to Malaysia in November. My Doc has prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate for anti-malaria. My internet search does not show any side effects that concern me. Has anyone used it, and what, if any side effects did you experience?
  8. I have one of the Atomic masks with anti-glare. Black skirt...the silicone is very soft and extremely comfortable. The mask is very low volumn. The anti-glare works very well for me. It seems that the colors are a bit brighter and richer. To me it is comparable to the difference between wearing polarized sun glasses and non-polarized sun glasses on the surface. The non-polarized are ok, but the polarized ones let you enjoy colors more. The same for me with this mask. I have no problems seeing the monitor on my d-200 using the mask, as well.
  9. I have not heard about such a "tool". When I am shooting I exhale through my nose. That way the bubbles "fizz" out through the skirt of my mask rather than coming out in a blast through the regulator. I think that I get much closer and scare critters a lot less that way.
  10. Hey Joey, one more thought... Perhaps because bifocal contacts were new when I first tried them, but it was not just a slap them in and go sort of an experience. I ended up seeing my eye doc every couple of days while we tried different correction combinations and fitting options. That process went on for a couple of weeks. However, when we hit the right combination, it was the best vision I had ever had diving. Good luck. sandy
  11. I wore bifocal contacts underwater on a daily basis for 3 years working as a dive guide. I never had a problem, and I liked the view that I got much better than using a mask with corrective lenses. I had extended wear Acuvue lenses, but wore them as daily wear. I soaked them in a cold disinfectant at night and replaced them about once a month. I never did lose one, but I kept my mask with corrective lenses in my dive bag, just in case.
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