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  1. That sucks. When I was in Roatan a few years ago stayed at the place Fantasy Island was filmed - real dive, but dive operation was great. Most of us got food poisoning there though...sat out several days of diving sick.
  2. Hi Everyone - I made the plunge to upgrade from a gopro to a GH5. Camera is in hand, but probably going to pull the trigger on the housing early next week. It will be a month before I can get in the water with it. I have gone through a youtube 2 hour tutorial and that was pretty comprehensive and going to shoot some video this weekend on land as I learn the camera. I have two questions... 1. Any special settings that you have found to be good UW? (I have seen some reference to 30P underwater - but not sure size) (I saw the 2014 post on GH4 settings- That may be valid for GH5?) 2. Are you just using a white dive slate for custom white balance? OK - a third question... 3. Are you doing a custom WB like every 20' of depth?? Thanks - I appreciate your knowledge. Chris
  3. Ok - another question that may be stupid.....I dont see any mention of the Canon 5d Mkiv being good for video. Why?? (Large file sizes?) Backscatter touts it as one of the best cameras for UW. I shoot a 5d mkiii professionally for real estate and it is getting high shutter count and probably getting tired in next year or two..was thinking of 5dmkiv or 5ds and the next work camera, but if I can kill two birds with one stone might consider upgrading earlier.
  4. KC - I assume this was ambient and you didn't use lights due to the distance. I used to shoot a D100 with Sea & Sea housing many years ago and moved to Gopro, but thinking of changing to something better. We are headed to Socorro in June
  5. Hi Everyone - I am new to the forum and saw this category. I did a turtle poaching video a month or so ago. It was done with a gopro - so not as professional as some. https://youtu.be/PgCB234KMQ8
  6. Hi Everyone - New to the forum - long time diver. Used to shoot a D100 in a Sea & Sea housing...but last several years was using a gopro. Was looking into some used equipment, and saw classifieds...but read about all the scammers and decided maybe not. Here is a short video I just did a month or so ago about turtle poaching in the sea of cortez. https://youtu.be/PgCB234KMQ8 Chris
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