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  1. MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION. In the interest of facilitating the acquisition of some newly available photo gear I'm willing to sell this package for the reduced price of $975.
  2. Time for this old geezer to become shore bound, so relinquishing my gear – quality items in excellent condition; hoping it brings as much pleasure and inspiration to its new users as it has to me. Prefer to sell as a package – $1950 or make an offer. Free personal delivery within 90 miles of Chehalis, WA, or shipped for actual shipping cost. Case and contents (without camera and lens) weighs about 33-1/2 pounds. Approximately 9" x 14-1/2" x 22-1/2" size. Case can be carried, wheeled or used as a cart for other gear. Prefer PayPal. SeaCam Silver Housing for Nikon D2X with spare O-rings and grease Dome port, Flat port, 20, 25 and 50 mm port extensions Nikon D2X with RRS L-bracket for tripod mounting, 2 batteries and charger Nikon AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8d IF-ED zoom with zoom gear for housing (also zoom gear for 28-70 mm zoom) (2) Ikelite DS125 strobes with charger Articulating arms, cabling, and connectors
  3. Seacam offers as a recommended option optical coating (presumably on the interior surface) of the port lens. Any one have any experience, test data, examples or knowledge of the practical utility of coated vs noncoated port lenses for underwater photography? Is there a discernable difference in contrast, saturation, reduced flare or other benefit to justify the cost?
  4. Different vibes from Ikelite! When I called them THIS week, they said they ARE still planning a new back for the S2 housing, due "May-June". Not sure if the receptionist justs picks any handy worker at random to ask when an inquiry is made, or if the response really means anything. Aquatica says they're planning to have their S2 housing available "April-May". I've decided to get the current Ikelite housing, get familiar with it, then take one of three paths: 1) If it proves to be adequate, stick with it as is. 2) If it has minor shortcomings, look for a new back with added control features either from Ikelite or Marc Furth. 3) If it has major shortcomings, evaluate new housings as they become available. Ed Nygard
  5. Marriard- Do you find a need for any of the functions not available on the Ikelite? James- I seem to recall some comments you made early on about your experience with the Ikelite but can't find them. Is there an archive of earlier posts? Ed
  6. Thanks Alex, I'd appreciate your giving him my email address. I'd like to hear more about what he has to offer. Ed
  7. Back in November I called Ikelite about availability of the new back for the S2 housing and was told about a month, certainly by the end of the year. Another poster recently has heard March. Today I called again and was told there are no longer plans for production of the new back, but it might be available eventually as a custom item. So I called Aquatica and was told they've started the design process and should have product available by "late spring, end of April or early May". Has anyone heard of other plans from Nexus, Subal, etc? Now the question for me: I leave for Australia 26 April, and would like some experience with a new housing before depending on it for such a trip. Do I have any options beside the current Ikelite housing? What practical issues of functionality and quality would make waiting a viable option? How do the Ikelites compare with the metal housings? Pros, cons? Any and all insights, experience, opinions and comments welcome.
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