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Ed Nygard - born 1944 and still kicking (above water only now :-) Became NAUI certified in the 1970s in So California and dived the beautiful kelp forests of Catalina; had limited success with an old used Nikonos. When we moved to the PNW got recertified with PADI using a Jetsuit, and got an Ikelite housing for a Fuji S2 and DS125 strobes which yielded better results on several tropical trips. Eventually ended up with a SeaCam for the Nikon D2X and some great images at locations such as Key Largo with Steve Frink, and Fiji with CORAL, for which I got Nitrox certified, as well as other warm water locations. Wanting to get back into PNW diving I purchased a DUI CF200 suit and gear, but, as it so often goes, other obligations have kept me from diving for the last decade, so it's time to relinquish my unused and barely used gear. Hoping it can bring someone else the joy and inspiration I've found and dreamed of down there with our finny friends in their wet and wonderful world.

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