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  1. I'm planning a system where a camera with a sync cable attached is inside an Ewamarine soft housing. The cable would go through the housing and be attached to an external flash transmitter which is above the water. I'm going to use the system only in max 5-8 feet deep waters. How can I get the Ewamarine waterproof? I have to make a hole to the housing for the sync cable to go through and the hole has to be of course sealed somehow. I'm not yet willing to invest on a real hard case housing until I study this out Any idea of suitable glues, silicon or other stuff that might work here? The cable would stay in the housing permanently.
  2. What kind of system is that? What is the method there? I have tried also to use Canon 580EX flashes which use built in infrared system for firing but those don't either work reliably enough underwater. Maybe the one solution for my problem would be to put the Pocketwizard transmitter and receivers above the water with long enough sync cords. I don't need to be deep with the system so the cord length would not be that big an issue.
  3. I have also tested to fire a remote flash underwater by using the Pocketwizard system, but it did not work. It didn't work even if the transmitter was on the surface and the receiver was only foot below the surface. Are there any remote transmitters/receivers which would work underwater? How can I get couple of remote flashes to work underwater? What are the options? I did not exactly get what the Aquatic had done with Pocketwizard system
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