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  1. Thanks! this is helpful. I wish the UWL100 dome had a hard cover. I might still work on designing one. My first attempt worked, but was just not ideal.
  2. I purchased a Inon Doom for my LX10 setup which is made of a coated glass. I also purchased a Dome Port Cover S. The cover is made of neoprene and the manufacture has warnings that seem to contradict one another, either not to put it on while on land or only when it's dry. Last trip I made a cover for while I was on the boat made out of a very large plastic soup cup and some Velcro. This was cumbersome and a bit of a PITA. Here is the product description and the couple different warnings I found: The Dome Port Cover S is made of neoprene as same as wet suits. It is recommended to cover compatible dome lens all the time to prevent accidental damage unless shooting images. The Dome Port Cover S has slits on its top and bottom to help easy and speedy installation/removal on a dome lens/port equipped with a hood. *Never put wet lens cover on compatible lens/port on land. Doing so may cause degradation of the lens coating or glass itself resulting in spotting or discoloration. Please do not put this product on compatible lens/port if either of them is not completely dry to avoid degradation of lens coating or lens material itself resulting in sport/burn My question is it best to have the cover on dry, enter the water, remove while shooting, and then put back on before I leave the water? Should I be concerned with leaving the cover on wet and impacting the lens coating? Any suggestions are appreciated. I can start working on a better hard cover design, but was hoping to just use the neoprene cover if I could do so without risk of damaging the lens, which would defeat the purpose of using a cover. :-)
  3. Is the housing and Wide angle lens still available? I've looking at buying this housing from Backscatter, but saw your post. I just purchased the camera, doubt I can stop that transaction, so I'd be interested in everything but the camera. I do have questions. What is the price without the camera? So the wide angle lens you listed, do you have pictures? Does it have the M67 adaptor? Any scratches or scuffs on any of the port lens, wide angle lens, or screen viewing area (can't tell from the picture)? Any issues with the housing? was it ever flooded?
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