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  1. I am selling my almost new Sea and Sea d200 housing. Took it on one trip to Indonesia. It has 26 dives on it. Complete kit with TTL converter, wide angle dome port (I used a 12-24 lens but it will also take a 16mm), standard flat port ( I used a 60mm), 2 Sea and Sea sync cords for Sea and Sea strobes, and 1 ys 90auto strobe. I am selling because I want to get into video and can't afford to do both. I have all original packaging and manuals etc. The whole kit is in as new condition...barely used...no scratches etc. Never flooded. Original prices dome port 584.95 sync cords 187.00 TTL Converter 525.00 Housing 2500.00 strobe 560.00 flat port 350 total spent was $4706.95 I will sell the whole get up and send it in original packaging with all warranties etc for $3500
  2. nice to see some fellow riders...i have a 2006 ducati 749 and an 05 ktm adventure...any fellow rider/divers in the bay area?
  3. I spent a lot of time deciding between the sea and sea and the ikelite but the nearly $2000 savings on a complete ikelite package sealed the deal. That pays for my next trip to Indonesia. Any advice or tips on the ikelite from personal experiences?
  4. yeah bummer....guess i will have to stick to placing light canons for background light.
  5. So I am really liking using multiple SB800s with above water photography. Setting the on camera flash as the master and having several slave units fire in the background etc is fantastic. I am wondering if anyone has attempted to do this underwater with the subal housing for sb800s. Can you set up multiple subal housings, say in a cave and have them light up the background while the primary on the housing lights up the subject? Will it work underwater? If so I may be out some serious cash for 4 Subal sb800 flash housings.
  6. Light and Motion Classic focus light on ebay
  7. Thanks for everyones input...I ended up buying a 12-24 through BH Photo. So I will have a 12-24 and a 16 for the trip...
  8. I will be bringing the 16mm for sure as I never leave home without it but I definitely want another lens with a little more range. I like the 12-24 but I am thinking the 17-55 may be more practical overall.
  9. Thanks for the info. That is excellent news. My bank account, however, is going to suffer.
  10. James Thanks for the suggestion. Just looked at the 17-55 on BH Photo....looks pretty sweet. Would you happen to know if Subal has a zoom adapter for this lens and would I have to buy a special port to accomodate it? I have a standard dome and a 60mm macro port.
  11. I am going to be doing some shark cage diving and wondering what lenses anyone has had success with. I am thinking a 12-24 nikon. D2X camera body. Any suggestions?
  12. Light and Motion Titan D100 for sale with dome port and flat port and manual focus rings and port extender. All in MINT condition. With extra smart grip batteries and 2 handle replacement kits and extra O-ring kits. AND its still has a year left on a 2 year no fault warranty. Only 30 or so dives. Asking $3000 for the package Its on Ebay now so if you are interested let me know and I can pull it off Ebay.
  13. Hi I am looking for a volunteer Great White Shark research trip that involves cage diving, tagging, and photography. My work matches dollar for dollar any money raised as long as the group is non-profit. Any suggestions of organisations that do such trips?
  14. I am selling my Light and Motion Titan D100 housing with a classic focus light and an extra battery for the classic focus light. I am also selling a glass Light and Motion wide angle port and a glass 60mm macro port. Everything is in pristine condition. 10/10. Its been on about 40 dives. The classic focus light has never been used. I am going to put it up on ebay in a couple days. If you are interested we can discuss price. Selling because I remortgaged my house and got a D2x and Subal Housing... Thanks Wesley
  15. We are all okay - none of our staff (Foreigner and Thai) got hurt. We all hope to be back in business for the next high season. Meanwhile all the best and a happy new year, Robert Klein Manager Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center
  16. We just returned from Thailand. Missed it by a few hours. We were heading to Phuket to catch our liveaboard...the liveaboard people are alright. I know this is the wrong forum but I am wondering if anyone knows the people at Phi Phi Scuba and if anyone has heard from them. We are unable to reach our friends who work their and are hoping someone has been in touch with them.
  17. I guess I have to get the credit card out and book that cocos trip.
  18. Whitehead Thanks for the link.... Luckily I have already booked a baot...unluckily I haven't bought an airline ticket yet and prices are sky high
  19. Damn Gordon your right! Thanks for catching that... I have been spending so much time looking at code I forgot to double check my copy....That copy goes with a different image..... I just noticed a couple spelling erors as well...I needed something to do tomorrow anyways... :?
  20. We are doing a week liveaboard in Myanmar over christmas and new years...anyone been. Suggestions? Reports? Things to look for and places to go?
  21. Hundreds of photos to go through and add but finally got the coding done and its up with a skeleton crew of photos. www.wthornberry.com
  22. I already have one but if anyone is looking I saw one on ebay just now.
  23. I was shooting with the aquatica d100 housing but after holding a titan housing I switched. Well worth the extra money. A joy to shoot with, light, compact and the ROC controls are incredible.
  24. Anybody using one of the ikelite housings for the D100? What are your impressions?
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