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  1. Hi Many thanks for your very helpful post. PM sent.
  2. Caribbean Turtle Images Many in this community are professional photographers selling images- this post is not necessarily for you, but for members like myself that freely give images to others for scientific publication. I am in the process of re-writing a field guide of Lesser Antillean reptiles and am currently sourcing images. This book, like its predecessor, is aimed at conservationists, local field officers, students, and both professional and amateur biologists/naturalists. I need in-water shots (head close up, and entire body) of Kemps Ridley and Leatherback turtles and an entire body of an Atlantic Loggerhead. I have a good shot of a female Green (ventral posterior) showing the short tail, but only a poor shot of a male showing the large tail. If anyone can help with these please let me know- all images are individually credited to their creator
  3. Hi I am a retired, but still research-active biologist, using a full frame Canon DSLR in a Hugyfot housing with twin Inon strobes.
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