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  1. Hello. Is this Nauticam #36045? Don
  2. ellebelle Do you still have any of these items for sale? I do not see an updated post showing as sold so I wanted to enquire. My main interest would be in the 55 mm thread on filter as well as the dive mask filter and strap. Please let me know. Thank you!
  3. Hello Tom I am looking to purchase a 19121 Nauticam gear for the Nikkor 60mm setup as well as the Nauticam 19122 gear for the 105mm VR. Since you had both these setups I thought I would inquire to see if you possibly had these gears? Thanks Don
  4. I have the flat macro port 18426 and port extension 18453, I used this combination with the AF 105mm f2.8 lens. Also for the 105 mm lens I have the slip on focus gear #18679, the auto/manual selector gear 18677 and focus zoom gear #18673. It looks like I have the same set of gears for the Nikon AF 60mm f2.8 lens but never used them. These are #18670 slip on focus gear, #18676 selector gear and 18674 focus gear. The AD90 housing has just the single Nikonos strobe connector. I always used a dual sync cord which I could possibly part with. The only dome port I have is the #18405 8inch dome. Let me know if you have any interest in any of this Aquatica equipment. Thank you
  5. Hello I have a nice Aquatica AD90 housing for the Nikon D90. I have several ports, port extensions and gears that I would sell as well. I will have to put together a list with the item numbers for you. Thank you
  6. We have had the opportunity to dive Roatan's dive sites on three separate occasions. Enjoyed great diving with opportunities for both wide angle and macro photography. We had a couple of dives encountering whale sharks, dolphins, reef sharks as well as turtles and eagle rays. So if you can I would take both your wide angle and macro gear. Have a great trip!
  7. Hello I would be interested in your viewfinder. I am in the United States. Would be curious as to the freight cost. I reside in Billings, MT 59105. Also what mode of payment would be required. From your other post on this you stated that this is the Nauticam 32203 for dslr housings. Let me know. Thank you Don
  8. How new is this? I do not find any reviews anywhere. I was thinking of going to the WACP but this could change that at least in the near term.
  9. William I am interested. Would like to see pictures of everything but especially the ports and lenses. Can you give me an idea on freight and insurance to Billings, MT 59105? Thanks Don
  10. Thanks Matt ! I appreciate hearing about your experience with the WACP. I have read every review I could find including the great review by Alex. I was hoping that after the production models became available that we would see and hear a bit more about the results people were getting with the WACP.
  11. Nauticam's WACP has been out for a year now. Other than the initial test shots, I have not seen any feedback or pictures from users. I am interested in going this route but with the high cost I would really like to hear from others that are using the WACP. Anybody out there that can give more feedback?
  12. Hello Looking for some insight into understanding how a reflective prism might aid in the use of fiber optics with strobes. I searched for older posts on this forum as well as a google search. The only thing I found was that Nauticam offers or offered a reflective prism for flash trigger as well as an optical flash trigger. Any help understanding the differences between the two and how these work would be appreciated. Don
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