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  1. This rig has worked really well for me, and I hate to have to sell it, but sadly, I must. It's been used lightly in California and on Tropical trips. The housing for the Canon T2i is much smaller an lighter than most other aluminum housings. The housing, two strobes, buoyancy arms and assorted paraphernalia will all fit in a carryon sized porter case or equivalent. Aquatica AT2i housing w/ leak detector 1 Niknonos and 1 Fiber Optic bulkhead Aquatica 4" dome port + extension (for Tokina 10-17mm) Aquatica Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17mm Aquatica AF Low Profile Micro Flat Port Aquatica Focus Gear for Canon 60mm Asking $1400 for the lot. Buyer pays shipping & handling plus insurance from 94901.
  2. I'm moving to Canon and updating a bunch of my gear. The Nikon D-200 was a great system, and I was quite pleased with what I did with the Aquatica Setup. Equipment is used, but in good-exellent condition. Aquatica D200 Housing (for Nikon D200) with leak alarm. Ultralight 8" Buoyancy Arm - DB-B08 (2) Best offer.
  3. For Sale, Aquatica A70 housing for Nikon D-70 or D-70s. Also included are two extensions, #18453 and $18456, which work for Nikor 12-24 on dome, Nikor 105m on Macro or Nikor 18-70 on Dome. I'm upgrading to a D200, and am going to continue to use the Dome and Macro ports. The housing is less than a year old, and has only about 20 dives on it. Virtually like new. The A70 housing sells new for about $1,689.00. Extensions go for $169. A link to the Aquatica page for the housing is here: Aquatica Product Listing Package Price: $1650. Essentially giving you the housing and two necessary adaptors for less than the price of the housing itself. Everything is in excellent condition with manuals. Leak detector installed in housing.
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