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  1. I'm learning my TG-5 better and setting it up for underwater macro w/ a strobe. I want the flash setting to be on "flash fill". The problem is, I somehow lost that option, but only when I'm on microscope "magnify" (microscope control., 4X) In other words, in plain old "microscope mode" the menu shows auto-flash options. Here it is in plain old microscope -- as in if you put the camera in microscope mode, and choose the first (leftmost) option. You can see that I can choose "flash fill". But, when I choose "microscope control" (as in, chose the *last* option, as in the right-most option which has the magnifying glass next to the microscope symbol and is called "microscope control" suddenly I get only manual flash options or RC (remote control). I don't think it's always been like this. I think I somehow put it on manual flash and now I just don't how to change it back.
  2. Hi Folks- I'm looking for a photo instructor in January that will actually do "underwater" work with me. I've taken great lessons from someone but they were exclusively on dry land. I'm heading off to Cuba in February, and I'd really like to have practical instruction in wide angle shooting. I've looked at Reef Photo, and there's nothing that's worked for me. I've asked them if they could recommend someone who might do private lessons but they couldn't recommend anyone. So anyone have any contacts? I shoot Canon 7D, but I don't really care if the instructor doesn't. It's more strobe positioning and whatnot. I know this stuff theoretically and have studied Alex Mustard's book inside and out, but nothing beats some hands-on instruction. Thanks!
  3. HELP! HELP! HELP! I have to post here because all the subforms say "You cannot start a new topic." Anyway, I just bought a used Subal for my Canon 7D (Mark I). And I cannot, cannot, cannot get the camera to turn on once I get the housing on. I'm desperate because the guy who sold it to me, who has been very helpful, is now on a trip where he has no WiFi, and I am going on a trip for which I really want to use this camera. The easiest way for me to explain what's going on is with a video showing folks what I'm doing. It's about one minute long. https://youtu.be/w4EcB3xF3a4 Man, I'm having a heart attack.
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