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  1. I just returned from a week in Bonaire shooting with two new DS-1 strobes. When shooting after a couple of dives I have noticed that both flashes stop firing. They start to show that the batteries are low. Once I get back to dry land and replace them everything once agian works. I have a pluse tester and I am using enloop bateries. The tester showes that the bateries have 80% charge left but still the flashes seem to struggle. Is this common with these flashes? Any information would be helpfull. Regards
  2. Just happen to have a set. that would let go cheap.
  3. Thanks Alex, I have had several conversation with the Nauticam dealer here in the US and this was never presented as an option. I will look into this.
  4. I have just received my new Nauticam NA-D7000v housing. I had a Nikonos bulkhead installed without knowing that the HDMI port will not be available if I have the Nikonos installed. This has put me in a interesting position. I wanted to use TTL for my marco shooting. I have several DS161's so I ordered the Ikelite TTL adapter and cables. To make a long story short I cannot use TTL with my Ikelite strobes and still get the HDMI port. The housing is stock with two fiber outputs so my question to all is What will I gain or lose by switching to Inon Z240's? Anyone who is using the Inon strobes that switched from Ikelites. Please share your comments and advice. Regards, Wally
  5. Thanks for all the great responses. I have just returned from a week on the Aqua Cat in the Bahamas and flooded my D200 rig. So now it is much more important to make a choice before my next trip in August to Bonaire. BTW the NA-D7000 and the NA-D700V has a port for HDMI video output to an external monitor and the push buttons on the right hand side have also been moved. Please keep up the great discussion and comments. Thanks, Wally
  6. Chris, I am sure not looking to say that post on this fourm are the only way to judge customer support. But since I have seen very few post I was asking owners what thier opition of the customer support both companies provide. This commuinty is not afraid to share there thoughts both positive and negative. That is what makes this a wonderful place to gather constructive ideas and information. I meet you in Long Beach on Saturday and was very pleased with the time you took to help me understand your products. Regards, Wally
  7. Alex, The D4 review was fabulous. Those pictures! what can one say but WOW. I only wish I could make a living shooting pictures like you post. Thanks for the viewfinder info. I had read that but did not put 2 and 2 together. I must be getting old.
  8. Hello fellow UW shooters, I am going to finally to replace my aging D200 system with a D7000 rig. I spent hours at the scuba show in Long Beach this weekend asking all kinds of questions. What i am looking for is information from the end user on the Nauticam NA-D7000V or the Aquatica AD7000 what they like and dislike. I am sure each one has it own little quarks but that is only discovered after the user has some time to play with the system in the water. I have read all the reviews on these two housings. I feel from a manufacture spec side they are similar. I plan to stick with my dual DS161 strobes and reuse my Ion 45 degree view finder to save a few bucks. Other than those items I will need to purchase all new housing and ports. I am leaning toward the mini dome, i have been shooting a 8 inch dome since I started but traveling with it is becoming a real pain. Any insight or thoughts from those that have used either system would be helpful. Can anyone speak to the customer service of Nauticam? I know how good and responsive Jean is from Aquatica. Awesome is the first thought that comes to mind. But service is a big piece of the of the equation.I have seen very little about Nauticam. Thanks for the help. Wally
  9. Well after spending 6 hours talking to anyone and everyone at the Long Beach scuba show also getting to touch the both cameras in the same manufactures housing(Nauticam). I have decided to go with the D7000 this time around. While the D800 has a few things that i would love to have the overall expense to out fit the D800 with new glass and the expense of buying two D800 bodies is just too much to overcome for a hobby. The CFO, my wife, just cannot approve such a expense to only use it 3-4 weeks a year. Thanks to everyone that added insight to this process. Now to start the process of housings for my D7000 but that is another post. Thanks again.
  10. It is time to upgrade from my D200 setup. I was looking for any advice D800 or D7000. Any thoughts would be well received.
  11. I am looking into switching over to video from my still shooting due to size and weight restrictions when traveing. I have been looking at Light and Motion Blue finn housing. I would love to have some comments on the different camera's Sony XR550v vs Cannon HF S21 and even housing opitions. I do not want to chose poorly. I would rather spend a few dollars more now to get system that will be around for many years. Any insight would be helpful.
  12. Andy, My last trip to T&C I dove my dive skin and a 1mm suit but I am not home to check my log book for the water temp. I used a tokin 10-17 and my 105vr lens. I stayed on the live aboard so changing lens was not to diffcult. I would take these two lens back agian even with the weight limits on the planes. Enjoy your trip.
  13. I also have the same housing. I love it and have bought another D200 body just in case. L & M had a spare parts kit that included all of the electronics. It is truly a shame that they did not continue this line of housings.
  14. When I spoke to L&M they said that the software would not work with the D300 and they had NO intention to make a housing for the D300. I must say I was disapointed but I love my D200 set up so much I purchased a back up camera just in case something happens. The housing and ROC system is awsome.
  15. I would call Light & motion. I have found that thier customer service to be excellent. I have delt with Russ.
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